Flick Of The Finger: Magazine

Flick Of The Finger Magazine: Online live music and entertainment magazine which focus’s on music news, live reviews, bands, interviews and the latest Indie Rock music. 

We closely with our PR partners, record label’s and event organisers, making sure we cover all the shows that you can’t always get to. We cover shows across the UK and Denmark as well as Atlanta, Minnesota and Nashville, Boston and Florida in States.

We have covered shows for many bands and artists across the globe form the stadium filling giants to the up and coming future stars. Have a read at some of the shows we have covered including; Slipknot, The Stone Roses, Garbage Steve Vai, Adam Ant, Noel GallagherRadiohead Stereophonics, The Last Shadow Puppets, New Order Gary Numan, The Enemy Leeds/Reading Festival FaithlessOcean Colour Scene and Bruce Springsteen

Meet The Team…

Founder & Editor in Chief: Manchester
Eitor In Chief title by default. Photographer, avid gig go-er, live music fan & partial to a beer or several. If found please return to FOTF. Best gig: Roses, Etihad
Photographer & Reviewer: Team Leader Denmark
Based in Denmark, shooting portraits, bands and rock concerts. Guitar player in several bands, I combined my love for music, with a passion for photography.
Photographer and Assistant Press Manager
Professional Photographer for 20 years shooting every major band on the planet. From A1 to U2 and generally found talking shit to anyone that will listen.
Photographer & Area Manager for Manchester
For me, music is my passion and photography is in my heart. Photographing gigs, festivals, and bands is in my soul and hrough my images you see what I see…
Professional Photographer: Manchester
Obsessed with music & people. From James Brown to Ian Brown, I’ve shot them. Elbow, Kloot, REM, in fact, I’ve shot everyone but the sheriff.
Photographer & Reviewer: Manchester
Music Photographer for The Charlatans and Tim Peaks… Excels at falling over. Avid crisp eater & tea aficionado. Catch Charlotte on twitter…
Photographer & Reviewer: Manchester
Professional photographer, Mark has shot bands such as Kula Shaker, Black Casino and The Ghost to professional sports teams like Manchester Storm.
Photographer & Reviewer: Liverpool
Sports and music photographer with over 30 years experience. Shooting bands from Echo and the Bunnymen to Basement Jaxx
Photographer & Reviewer London
Over 30 years’ gig going and has t-shirts older than most punters. Frequently found in pubs, concert halls and festivals avoiding any form of normal work
Photographer & Reviewer Surrey & London
Live music or photography? Photography or live music? Sod it. Let’s do both. Frequently covering both the Surrey and London area’s.
Photographer & Reviewer: Hampshire
Photographer and foodie!  Not quite talented enough to be on stage, so my passion is taking pics of those that are. If found, buy me a beer!
Photographer & Reviewer Birmingham
Second year student of Media and Communication. Passionate about live music & photography so I thought, why not combine them?
Photographer & Reviewer Midlands
Short person who hails from the South but living in the North. I drink too much caffeine, spend too much money on gigs and I enjoy taking photos!
Photographer & Reviewer: Nashville and Atlanta
I grew up on sweet tea and honeysuckle vines. Picked up a camera 16 years ago and never put it down. I love music and shooting bands of all kinds.
Photographer & Revier West Yorkshire
If all the people in the world camped out in your back garden, would you write and tell the king or would you grab a tent and join them?  
Photographer & Reviewer London
Mostly taking photos of  bands, I also design for magazines and have worked in advertising. I write music and sometimes my views of the world.
Photographer & Reviewer London
I’m a red carpet, music and events photographer on the edge of London and always looking for new ideas and projects. Message me, I’m open to suggestions.
Photographer & Reviewer: Yorkshire
Based in Sheffield I’m a frustrated rock star caught in a photographer’s body. I Love music and shooting it just seemed like a natural progression.
Photographer & Reviewer: North West
The first gig that ever saw was The Who at Belle Vue. An amazing gig and a pretty accurate indication of how long I’ve actually been going to gigs.
Photographer & Review: Minnesota
It’s taken me a long time to find my calling. Concert photography must be in my blood because I can’t go too long without shooting a show!
Photographer & Reviewer: Yorkshire
Photographer Specialising in Music and Studio work. I love making images and freezing a moment in time. For me, photography is the perfect job!
Photographer & Reviewer: Denmark
Passionate about live music and photography, Working full time as a Graphic Media Designer, avid coffee drinker and the lead singer of Pushing Daisy.
Photographer & Reviewer: Wiltshire
Enjoyed live music for yonks, from intimate gigs to the bigger stadium. If I had to sum it up briefly, keeping music live is in my soul.
Photographer &reviewer: South East & London
Drums and guitar player, not at the same time and I’ve seen over 1500 bands. Got something special in mind? get in touch and lets talk.
New/Live Music Reviewer: Essex
Passionate about all things music, film and photography related. Lennon, Elvis, Manics, Oasis. Tell me otherwise! Joined the Flick of the finger team in Sept 2016
Photographer & Reviewer: California
Has too many pets and too many favorite bands, classic rock on vinyl is the absolute best. Often spotted in a band tee and Supernatural pjs. Lives for live music.
Photographer, Reviewer: Bristol
South West based Photographer who is happy to travel the country capturing the action. Lee has shot the likes of Jose Gonzalez, The Lumineers & the Sleaford Mods
Photographer & Reviewer: Yorkshire
Freelance Photographer and lover of all things Metal and Classic Rock … that’s three songs and I’m gone.  See ya in t’ pit! Don’t forget to smile.
Journalist: Manchester & North West
Highly accredited Manchester based journalist. Passionate about social justice, ethical journalism & spitting off bridges. His love of music is surpassed only by his love of crisps.
Writer & Reviewer: Manchester
Feature writer & music journo. I left Berlin for the North of England and never looked back. Give me a dictaphone and I’ll get your fave musician to spill the beans.
Photographer & reviewer, Stockholm area
Stockholm based professional photographer – concerts, band pictures, portraits. Metalhead. Addicted to coffee and blasting double bass drums.
Photographer & Reviewer: Manchester
Based in Central Manchester, but frequently found in other parts of the country in the name of live music. Otherwise, I am a departmental manager for a software company.