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20 year old Fashion student, obsessed with all things style, music and everything that links the two!
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INTERVIEW: Annieatthefringe

I’m back with another blogger babe feature and this time it’s the lovely Annieatthefringe! With the music and fashion industries constantly complimenting each other, I wanted to explore what it is that creates this link. Annie is known as an influential blogger and is always seen rocking some kick-ass outfits so I decided to snatch her for a chat! Queue the gorgeous Annieatthefringe and her take on the love affair… Keep Reading

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God Save the Punk…

The Punk subculture includes an array of expression, through ideologies, music, fashion and visual art. Punk was adapted in the 1970’s in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Who got there first is still not decided upon. This whole movement was built around the idea of sticking a finger up to society’s idea of ‘normality’ and showing everyone how to not give a flying fuck. It was also about… Keep Reading

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Men, Music, Makeup

Men wearing makeup has been ruled out by general society for generation after generation, or has it? This isn’t the way it’s always been. In actual fact, it wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that makeup became a one-gendered thing. Society’s view on the topic has pointed towards makeup being a ‘girls only’ thing, and boys wearing makeup hasn’t been accepted to the standard it once. Is all of this changing?… Keep Reading

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