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Based in Denmark, Jakob shoots portraits, conceptual photography, bands and rock concerts. Having played lead guitar in several bands, he combines his love for music, with his passion for photography.
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Baest, Copenhell 2019

The beast (Baest) cemented their superiority in death metal Hades stage, Friday: When it comes to old school death metal, there is none greater than the Danish band BAEST right now. I have seen Baest live once before, in the Pumpehuset venue in downtown Copenhagen, where they also tore the place a new one, but today they really took it to another level. The big black fabric with the Baest… Keep Reading

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Rob Zombie, Copenhell 2019

Brought the real party – a showoff in showmanship Helviti stage, Friday: When Rob Zombie and his team mates, guitarist John5, bassist Piggy D and drummer Ginger Fish takes the stage on Copenhell’s biggest one, it’s a matter of seconds before the ghoul-dressed bunch takes over the entire festival. From the get-go, there is SO much energy beamed out from the catwalk extension (setup for Scorpions later tonight), that it… Keep Reading

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The Psyke Project, Copenhell 2019

A masterpiece in hardcore perfection! This. Was. Freaking. Epic!!! Pandæmonium stage, Saturday: The Psyke Project is the closest thing you get to a mythical being in metal, and since they announced their resignation in 2014, and ended it all with an explosion of a show the same year, the members have all scattered to different bands, all the while there has been a dark and empty void left among metal… Keep Reading

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Album Review: Black Oak County “Theatre Of The Mind”

The Reinvention of a band Black Oak County (DK) was predicted great success by yours truly, when their self titled debut album came out in early 2017, and everyone was blown over by leadsinger/guitarist Niels Beier’s poweful vocals, adding that southern flavour. As the year progressed, and the band seeing their star rise steadily, Beier chose to leave the band, due to personal issues, leaving fans and, not least, the… Keep Reading

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Soren Andersen signs deal with Mighty Music

Danish guitar extraordinaire Soren Andersen signs international record deal with Mighty Music. Soren is the guitarist of Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer (D-A-D) and has worked closely together with Mike Tramp for many years. Besides being a musician, Soren is also a highly acclaimed producer at his Medley Studio. His new solo album, “Guilty Pleasures”, will be released in September 2019 on LP, CD and digitally. Soren Andersen states: “It’s official! Today… Keep Reading

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Tygers Of Pan Tang release 1981 live album “Hellbound Spellbound”

Are you ready for one of the best live recordings ever done by a rock band? On 21st of December 2018 the Tygers Of Pan Tang will release “Hellbound Spellbound Live 1981” featuring the classic line up: Jon Deverill – Vocals Robb Weir – Guitars John Sykes – Guitars Rocky – Bass Brian Dick – Drums The show was originally recorded live by Chris Tsangarides at Nottingham Rock City in 1981 and… Keep Reading

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LUCER release new single and video “Ghost Town”

One of Denmark’s most promising rock bands release a new single and a video to accompany it Denmark’s high-profile rockers LUCER release a new video and single, for the track “Ghost Town”, taken from their album of the same title which will be released on January 25th by Mighty Music. “Ghost Town” was filmed in Gladsaxe Rock City (Copenhagen outskirts), LUCER’s hometown and one of the industrial areas surrounding Copenhagen. This… Keep Reading

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When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2019

Full program revealed for 2019 winter metal event SUNLESS DAWN, (0), COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS, XENOBLIGHT, TAINTED LADY and ALKYMIST delivers the hard sound page to an evil winter evening in hell when COPENHELL’s annual musical showcase “When COPENHELL Freezes Over” yet again takes over VEGA in Copenhagen in collaboration with MXD. “When COPENHELL Freezes Over” has become a regular must-go event, for everyone who wants to experience what is… Keep Reading

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Black Oak County – the times they are a changing – Interview

Stopped in their tracks, or onwards to new horizons? Words and photography by Jakob Muxoll The Danish powerhouse of a hardrock band had massive success early on, released a critically acclaimed debut album, but was stopped in their tracks by a surprise departure by their singer, Niels Beier. Personal challenges plagued Beier, and with so many things, something has to give. Beier announced his departure from the band, and the… Keep Reading

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Black Oak County are back!

New singer and new single! Following singer Niels Beier’s exit from the band in late 2017, it was unclear how the band would proceed, and if they were even going to. Beier’s extremely strong vocals were a very strong selling point for the Danish hard rock band. But the remaining members, brothers Jack & Mike Svendsen (guitar & drums), and bassist René Hjelm, have brewed something up in all secrecy… Keep Reading

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Danko Jones, Copenhell 2018

Pandæmonium stage, Friday 22. June: I had never heard of Canadian Danko Jones, until during Ozzy Osbourne’s show earlier that night, where a friend said, “Danko Jones are three guys playing red-hot rock’n’roll with a punker-fuck-you-attitude. No frills, just seductive energy. You HAVE to go see them!” And so I did, and my friend was right. He was SO right! The Canadian trio is a weird ensemble, with nothing but… Keep Reading

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Tremonti, Copenhell 2018

Third Time’s a Charm – but hard to fit in >Hades stage, 3.00pm, Friday : Mark Tremonti may be known for many things, including Creed and Alter Bridge, but the guitarist proved that he can certainly hold his own when it comes to performing. Too bad it felt kinda….weird. Okay – this guy has more Copenhell visits in the bag than me, this year playing for the third time – in 2016… Keep Reading

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Crossfaith, Copenhell 2018

The lovechild of genres and exploding busses! Pandæmonium stage, Friday 22. June: On their way from the Magazine Generali festival in Italy, it didn’t look good for the Japanese powerhouse. One of their tourbusses almost exploded, and they were stuck somewhere in Europe. As they finally reached the ferry from Germany to Denmark on their way to Copenhagen, drummer Tatsuya Amano was denied access into Denmark, and had to be… Keep Reading

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Arch Enemy, Copenhell 2018

The Brutality That Came To Us Hades stage, Thursday 21. June: What…just…happened? The Swedish brutality exploded on the old B&W ship yard, as Alissa White-Gluz and her gutsy growling vocals ripped Copenhell a new one. As Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades” blasted through the speakers, the band came on stage, gripped their instruments, and just started playing. As in, igniting a nuclear weapon. A careful and short selection of tracks, from… Keep Reading

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ALICE IN CHAINS, Copenhell 2018

The grateful band > Helviti stage, Friday 22. June: The Seattle monster that is Alice In Chains rocked the 9th. Copenhell edition, for the second time since 2013 With a previous Copenhell show in the bag deemed back then as simply astounding, Friday this year was full of expectations. Not least from me, as I grew up with listening to grunge and punk, and bands like Alice In Chains has… Keep Reading

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Interview with Daniel Oliver from Nothing More

Jakob had a chat with Daniel Oliver from Nothing More, about stuff like Led Zeppelin, inspirations, touring, fruits and motorcycle crashes! Backstage at the Copenhell 2018 all-metal festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, a few hours after an extremely successful show at the Pandæmonium stage: Keep Reading

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DEFECTO, Copenhell 2018

Defecto is a band that is everywhere. When they’re not supporting Metallica or Rammstein, they’re touring through Europe and Japan. Now they played the Copenhell metal festival for the second time Hades stage, 23 June: They are also a band that people seem to fail to understand. Personally, I fell into the last category until a year ago, when I started to really listen to the deeper subset of details,… Keep Reading

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New single from Thorium: “Maniac”

It wasn’t in the cards it had to take 10 years for Thorium to release the follow-up album to 2008’s highly acclaimed “Feral Creation”, singer MHA says: “We were old friends in Thorium and people started getting other priorities in other bands, so all of a sudden it was only myself caring about Thorium. Who can blaim KB for choosing to join Volbeat? However, I wanted to continue with Thorium.… Keep Reading

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The Charlatans Live All Over The World

Tonight only: The Charlatans Live Streaming Flick Of The Finger has the pleasure of bringing you live streaming of The Charlatans’ show LIVE from Northwich Memorial Court. Watch tonight at Keep Reading

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Ondt Blod “Natur”

It’s not often we get something from the northern skirts of Scandinavia, but the Norwegian quintet Ondt Blod (Evil Blood) has something unique and bold. We took their new album “Natur” (Nature) for a spin: > Release: March 9.    Label: Loyal Blood Records From the press release: “Natur” is a Sami scream from the far north. Made 100 years after the first indigenous political organising in Norway, This is… Keep Reading

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