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You Are Not Alone Festival Preview March 30th

You Are Not Alone Festival (YANA) is a multi-venue festival taking place across three venues in Manchester, Night & Day Cafe & Jimmys (18+) & The Whiskey Jar is (14+) in aid of non-profit mental health charity Manchester Mind. The aim behind Mind is twofold. The first is provide support and advice to anyone suffering, as one in four of us will experience mental health problems at some point in… Keep Reading

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When Music Meets Politics Merthyr Rising Preview 24th – 26th of May

So here’s the first of a few articles on some of the lesser known festival gems that have been popping up over the UK over the last five and have more to offer than your average weekend dancing while plastered in wellies…. Merthyr Rising is a music, arts and ideas festival that celebrates working class culture and resistance at the birthplace of the red flag. The very nature of politics,… Keep Reading

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Kendal Calling: Ones To Watch…

My initial reaction to the 2019 Kendal Calling line up mainly revolve around the exhilaration at dancing fantastically badly in my polka dot wellies to Nile Rogers & Chic after enough fruity cider to both rot my teeth and send me into a full blown alcoholic fuelled arms in the air crescendo of “Good Times” in Lowther Park. My second reaction was to re listen to every single Doves tracks… Keep Reading

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LIVE REVIEW: Bang Bang Romeo at Retro, Manchester

The gig was sold out, which was no surprise. Things are changing in the music industry, it started with a rumbling and is working its way up to a roar on par with Anastasia “Stars” Walkers vocals. No longer is it being filled with Pop Princess with nothing to say and indie boys still believing trying to recreate Oasis’s Definitely Maybe is what the public want. Bang Bang Romeo’s first… Keep Reading

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