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Skull Unleash Their Début Album ‘Thoughts Of The Others’

Leeds four-piece Skull release Thoughts Of The Others, but does their powerful live reputation translate to the record? A short spoken voice section opens Skull’s début album, which rather intrusively carries on throughout in an effort to create a narrative. Much like David Bowie’s cringe-worthy ramblings on his 1995 album 1.Outside that nobody cared about, these superfluous spoken monologues are an attempt to trace a journey, yet they feel out… Keep Reading

New Releases

Maker Are About To Unleash Their Début Album ‘DEA’

Lead single ‘Soul’ kicks Maker’s début album off in style, with a high-level energy boasting a glorious mid ’70s stomping rock sensibility, setting the overall tone and vibe that is to come over the next twelve tracks, making an instant impact. It perfectly encapsulates everything good that the band stand for and want to accomplish with their music. ‘Dead Ends & Avenues’ is perhaps best summed up as The Charlatans… Keep Reading

New Releases

NEW MUSIC: Blue Nation ‘Rich Girl’

Back in September when reviewing Blue Nation’s previous single, the stomping rock anthem ‘Good Times’, I said that one could only hope that it was just beginning of good times for the band. So, how does this follow-up fare? ‘Rich Girl’ is another slice of anthemic rock of astronomical proportions from the Birmingham trio, with a dark grittiness running through the track’s DNA. The beefy track is bursting at the… Keep Reading

New Releases

NEW MUSIC: Factory ‘Little Black Book’

Liverpool-based Factory unleash their impressively groove-filled, powerful new single ‘Little Black Book’. When a song turns up the amps to the max, becoming an engaging filthy rocker as ‘Little Black Book’ does, there is simply nothing that comes close to the thrill of a rock ‘n’ roll song that oozes with such attitude. The band’s new single is a well-crafted and inventive piece of explosive music that packs a lot… Keep Reading

New Releases

Shader ‘Broken Minds’ ‘An Impressive First Single

Shader are a four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the Macclesfield and Manchester areas and have just released their sensational début single to the world. Having received praise on the live circuit, have the band managed to capture that magic and transfer it across to recorded music? A lot of bands fail to make an impact when releasing records after having gained a certain level of popularity on the… Keep Reading

Record of The Week

Record of the Week: Ex-Supergrass Drummer, Danny Goffey Releases New Single

Danny Goffey’s name may not be familiar with some people, but mention Supergrass and the penny will drop. He’s released a new solo track entitled ‘Ancient Text’, with guest vocals delivered by Suede’s Brett Anderson. The track has traces of Supergrass in there, especially the condensed running time of 2:33, but overall it has more of a glam feel to it, even managing to sound not unlike ‘Rock the Casbah’… Keep Reading

New Releases

REVIEW: Shed Seven’s First Album In Sixteen Years Has Been Worth The Wait

The York five-piece unleash their first album since 2001’s Truth Be Told to much anticipation, but does it manage to meet those high expectations? When reviewing the thunderous ‘Room In My House’, which was the first new material to be heard from the band, I said that the track had enough freshness, swagger and energy to set the bar extremely high for their forthcoming fifth album. That bar was indeed… Keep Reading

Record of The Week

The Slow Readers Club Release Upbeat New Single “Lunatic”

The Slow Readers Club are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with and the release of their new single, Lunatic, cements that fact. The track has an epic 80s funky electronic vibe to it as it soars along, possessing melancholic depth, giving the song heart, soul and intensity. It has shades of Gary Numan to it with its upbeat and almost dreamlike edge. The track was produced by long-time… Keep Reading

New Releases

Stillia Release Their Second Single ‘4am’

Stillia’s second single ‘4am’ is taken from their forthcoming album ‘From Ground To Light’ and bestowed the title of Flick of the Finger’s Record of the Week. In a nutshell the track is about turning up drunk on your lover’s doorstep at 4am (if you somehow manage to stay out that late). It’s not a particularly clever lyric, but it’s potentially relatable to some listeners, but it’s the beauty and… Keep Reading

New Releases

Ed Blaney’s Urban Nature feat. Mark E. Smith

For an album that is basically twenty years in the making, you’d be forgiven for expecting there to be a lot riding on it. After many abandoned efforts and other projects, including writing with Mark E Smith for The Fall, and an interesting Smith & Blaney album, Ed Blaney has finally pulled it off, creating a record that features several members of 90s Salford band Trigger Happy, Mark E Smith… Keep Reading

New Releases

Partisan Release New Single For Homeless Charity, Crisis

Manchester band Partisan are releasing a single for the charity ‘Crisis’, with the title of the track also called Crisis. Homelessness is an increasing problem across the UK and the world and something that is close to their hearts, with the band recording the track using their producer and own finances. Some songs that are released by artists in support of good causes, especially around the Christmas period, often results… Keep Reading

New Releases

Blue Nation Unleash Stomping Rock Anthem ‘Good Times’

Birmingham-based Blue Nation’s new single, ‘Good Times’, is taken from their forthcoming album, which is due sometime before next September. While hardly a complex song, it’s a gripping, thumping and powerful track, embracing the vibes of some of their influences, from Led Zeppelin to the slightly heavier work of The Beatles. The vocal melody is extremely tuneful and Neil Murdoch’s impressive voice has an astonishingly commercial quality to it as… Keep Reading

New Releases

REAVIEW: Liam Gallagher Releases New Single ‘Greedy Soul’

Gallagher has been performing ‘Greedy Soul’ over this summer at various festivals, delivering it as a spiky, raucous, epic assault on the system. The studio version sadly lacks that killer bite, but still oozes with attitude as it pounds along like a relentless rock monster. Live Version One could be forgiven for thinking that the song is a stab at old brother, Noel, with Liam singing, ‘You’re getting old, you… Keep Reading

New Releases

Shed Seven Return With ‘Room In My House’

Not having released an album since 2001’s Truth Be Told, you may be wondering how the sound of new music from Shed Seven holds up against their older works. Amazingly, it fits in alongside it seamlessly, sounding like a huge slice of upbeat ’90s anthemic guitar-pop with a sense of redemption to it. Hearing Rick Witter’s distinctive voice singing new material is undoubtedly a big deal and far more significant… Keep Reading

New Releases

New Columbia Release Their Impressive EP ‘I Don’t Know’

Rock band New Columbia hail from Prestatyn in North Wales and are on the verge of releasing their second EP, which lands on 15th September. Citing the likes of Oasis, The Verve and Stereophonics as influences on their sound, it’s perhaps The Rolling Stones who come closest to a musical comparison with the Welsh four-piece. Occasionally you’ll hear a young up-and-coming band such as New Columbia and suddenly all your… Keep Reading

New Releases

Starsailor Make A Triumphant Return With Their Fifth Studio Album – 5*

After only a single listen it’s evident that All This Life is vastly superior than its predecessor, 2009’s All The Plans, which does contain some brilliant songs, but overall was a conflicted, sombre and at times lazy album. The band have clearly had a booster injection or two since then, and the result is a collection of eleven songs that have a welcome mixture of styles. The album opens with… Keep Reading

New Releases

NEW MUSIC: Starsailor ‘Listen To Your Heart’

Starsailor have just unleashed an energetic new song, Listen To Your Heart, from their forthcoming fifth album, fusing the familiar string-laden harmonies with gritty guitars and the unmistakable, gorgeous vocals of James Walsh. It’s been an agonising eight long years since their last studio album (not including their 2015 Greatest Hits release), meaning that it was absolutely paramount for the band to come back with a song that would hit… Keep Reading


Blink 182 return with California … again

Hang on, I hear you ask, didn’t they release this album last year? Well, yes, they did, yet at the same time, no, they didn’t. While 2016’s California could be regarded as something of a misguided missile, this deluxe edition is a more focused piece. For better or worse, the vast majority of the songs here still have that distinctive Blink sound, yet they manage to contain a freshness that… Keep Reading

Record of The Week

Record of the Week: RedFaces ‘Wise Up’

One of the most promising upcoming bands, Redfaces, have just released their new single, Wise Up The track rolls along with an upbeat tempo, and with British summertime all but here, is the perfect feel-good music to have airing. The Sheffield four-piece manage to cram an abundance of youthful energy into the three minutes, containing all that is good in indie-rock music. Harry Lyon’s vocals are not unlike those of… Keep Reading

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Papa Roach – is this their last resort?

The American rockers are about to unleash their ninth studio album on the world, entitled Crooked Teeth. There was once a time when these former giants meant something – seriously – helping to spread the wings of that horribly coined music genre known as Nu-metal. The album opens with ‘Break The Fall’, which I have to say, is one of the stronger offerings on the album. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix… Keep Reading

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