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Mark Sharpley
Greetings! The name is Mark, born in Macclesfield and now exiled in Colchester. I love music, just as long as it's groovy. My favourite band? The Smiths
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In Remembrance ‘Kurt Cobain’

Kurt Donald Cobain (20th February 1967 – 5th April 1994) “Here we are now, entertain us………….” One question that has always been on my mind about Kurt Cobain. Did he actually realise how big a part of a musical movement he was? April 5th 2019 is 25 years to the day that Kurt Cobain died. A father, a husband and a hero to millions. But a humble hero, someone who… Keep Reading

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An Interview With……Hurricane #1

Fans of indie music in the mid-1990s will remember Hurricane #1. Songs like Step Into My World and Only The Strongest Will Survive were and still are, songs that defined the era. Now, they are back and Flick Of The Finger caught up with the band. Keep Reading

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Keith Flint – In Memoriam

Keith Charles Flint (17th September 1969 – 4th March 2019) Today, the sad news filtered to the country that Keith Flint, of dance music superstars, The Prodigy, had died at the weekend. He was 49. Flint was always remembered as the wild, energetic dancer of the Essex group, sharing vocal duties with Maxim whenever it was needed. but it was 1997 that Flint became a household name with his punk… Keep Reading

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Live: Peter Hook & The Light, Colchester Arts Centre.

Leave The Light on for me… Peter Hook is one of the most recognisable faces in music. His work with Joy Division and New Order has made him a household name, and on Thursday 21st February, he played to a sell out crowd at Colchester Arts Centre. And it was quite a packed show. Arriving on stage to Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk, Hook opened up the show with the first of six… Keep Reading

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Slow Readers Club Announce Tour Support

Manchester band, The Slow Readers Club, have announced the support acts for their forthcoming Spring UK tour. The band are extensively touring the UK, with 32 dates in both England and Scotland. The support acts they have chosen are Tea Street Band, ShadowParty, Alice Jemima and Bridges. Liverpool alternative rockers, The Tea Street Band, will support between the 2nd and 10th of March. Then it’s the turn of Anglo-American outfit,… Keep Reading

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New Music – Lost Under Heaven – ‘Love Hates What You Become’

Come and get Lost Under Heaven….. Cast your mind back to last year, and we introduced you to Manchester based duo, Lost Under Heaven. A duo consisting of Ellery Roberts and Ebony Hoorn, they first appeared in 2016 with their debut album, Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing. This year has seen the release of their new album, Love Hates What You Become. So what’s it like? The first song on the album is Come. Roberts certainly lets… Keep Reading

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New Music: Within Temptation ‘Resist’

Don’t try to Resist going Within Temptation…. Dutch symphonic rock supremos, Within Temptation, are back. And after a five year gap since Hydra, and a Sharon Den Adel solo album in between, the song remains the same with their new release, Resist. First up is The Reckoning. It’s definitely in the Within Temptation vein of music as it starts with a loud, hard introduction before Den Adel and guest vocalist Jacoby… Keep Reading

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New Music- White Lies – ‘Five’

More little White Lies…… For over a decade, White Lies have been making great, solid music. Yet for some reason or another, haven’t quite got the attention there music deserves. Nevertheless, they are here with their fifth studio album, simply called Five. The album starts in earnest with Time To Give. A very synth driven song, as you might expect from the band in the later years, and it’s a conversation in a… Keep Reading

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Introducing… Cellar Doors

Open up the Cellar Doors. San Francisco have had a few bands grab our attention over the years. Metallica being one of them, Dead Kennedys, Sly & The Family Stone and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to name but a few. Now there’s a new band on the block. Cellar Doors. They’ve been on the scene for a couple of years, playing support for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Roky Erickson… Keep Reading

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New Music: Allusinlove – Full Circle

Go Full Circle with allusinlove They hail from Leeds, and are considered something of a cult band. And now, allusinlove are back after a break with the release of a new song, Full Circle. The new identity of the band has brought a brand new attitude too. Full Circle is no exception. What you will witness at the end of this blurb is the live version of the song. What you will hear… Keep Reading

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Remembering……….David Bowie

David Robert Jones aka David Bowie (8th January 1947 – 10th January 2016) “The truth is, of course, there is no journey. We are arriving and departing at the same time”. I remember this day very well. All too well, in fact. Good Morning, Britain was on and I woke up to the news that genuinely shook me to the core. David Bowie was gone. “No”, I said, “that’s impossible.… Keep Reading

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New Music: Saytr Play – ‘Bang Average’

Saytr Play…..not your average band Saytr Play. You will have come across them here at Flick Of The Finger, over the course of 2018. Well, now 2019 is upon us and so is a brand new song from the band. Its name? Bang Average. It’s a song about love (don’t we all like a song about love, every now and then?), but not in the conventional sense of it. A… Keep Reading

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HMV: Where Does It Go From Here?

The last call from His Master’s Voice? On Friday 28th December, HMV announced that the chain was going into administration for the second time. The announcement has put 2,200 jobs at risk. Will a buyer be found? Or will one of the big names of the high street become the latest casualty? Put it this way, we used to have quite a battle on the high street when it came… Keep Reading

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Remembering Lemmy

Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister,  (24th December 1945 – 28th December 2015) Three years. Three whole years has passed since the unthinkable happened. At the age of 70, Ian Fraser Kilmister had passed away. The name known to his family and his friends. But they, and the rest of the world, knew him as Lemmy. The Motorhead front man, the charismatic, bass playing, good time rock ‘n’ roller, had gone. But… Keep Reading

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News – ShadowParty Announce Italian Tour

ShadowParty are Italy bound Anglo-American electronica outfit, ShadowParty, have announced a tour of Italy in January next year. The band – comprising of New Order’s Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman and Devo’s Josh Hagar and Jeff Friedl – released their eponymous debut album in July of this year, and have enjoyed a UK tour and appearances at numerous festivals. This is their first tour venture of the new year, and… Keep Reading

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Flick of the Finger Album Choices of 2018

Some of the picks of the year are here…. It’s been safe to say that 2018 has been another great music year. Many, many contenders for the usual end of year lists which everyone either agrees or disagrees with. And here at Flick Of The Finger, we are no different! But instead of numbers, this special edition of Throw Back Thursday concentrates on the albums that got your attention, as… Keep Reading

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