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Greetings! The name is Mark, born in Macclesfield and now exiled in Colchester. I love music, just as long as it's groovy. My favourite band? The Smiths
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INTERVIEW: Feed The Kid – They’re Back!!!

Strange Times……Feed The Kid talk about the modern times Every decade has seen many a band give the public a message on the issues going on in the world. And Feed The Kid raise the of modern times, and their view on it all, with the new single, Strange Times. A Kasabian-esque hit on the musical senses, this song gets to the point without looking for the necessary controversy that some… Keep Reading

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New Single Release – Gazelle Twin – Hobby Horse

Get on this hobby horse with Gazelle Twin….. If you haven’t come across Gazelle Twin before, please allow me to introduce you to her. Hailing from Brighton, Gazelle Twin, or to give her the name she is known as to family and friends, Elizabeth Bernholz, has been around for quite a while now. Since 2009 in fact. So here in 2018, Gazelle Twin brings the video for her new single, Hobby… Keep Reading

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Miles Kane – Coup De Grace

Scouse rock is back, and Miles Kane is back with a Coup De Grace…. If he isn’t collaborating with Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane is back doing the usual day job with the release of his third solo outing, Coup De Grace.But after the success of his last album, Don’t Forget Who You Are, how does the new album measure up? Well, let’s see…. The opening song on the album… Keep Reading

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Iron Maiden, O2 Arena, London

One of the bands that were solely responsible for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden brought their Legacy Of The Beast tour to the O2 Arena in London. And good lord, did they rock the joint. The all too familiar speech by Winston Churchill echoed through the arena, before the band got things started with Aces High, with lead singer Bruce Dickinson, underneath a spitfire, running and leaping… Keep Reading

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New Release – A Certain Ratio ‘You Dirty Boy’

One of the early Manchester music pioneers are back…….and just as groovy A Certain Ratio have certainly stood the test of time, and various musical changes. Their consistency is once again evident with the release of their new single, You Dirty Boy. Their first release since 2008, the band – consisting of Jez Kerr, Donald Johnson, Martin Moscrop, Denise Johnson, Tony Quigley and Matt Steele – this is a song that’s… Keep Reading

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New Single Release – Shotty Horroh – Dirty Old Town

Fancy a bit of urban rap? A little Shotty Horroh should do the trick… Hailing from Manchester, Shotty Horroh is here with his new single release, Dirty Old Town. And before you ask, no it isn’t a cover of the song made famous by The Pogues and various other artists. But it does nod in the direction of the original number, as it’s a song about suburban goings on, particularly on… Keep Reading

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New Album – Shadowparty from Shadowparty

The supergroup. Something that people thought was a bygone word. Until now….. Tom Chapman. Phil Cunningham. Josh Hager. Jeff Friedl. Fans of New Order and Devo will instantly recognise these names. For they have joined together to make ShadowParty, and they are treating us with the release of their new eponymous album. And all you music listeners and lovers are in for a treat. First track is ‘Celebrate’, and features the… Keep Reading

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Metric – Dressed To Suppress

Need some new rock music to listen to? Get your ears around this kind of Metric system…. Yup, Toronto formed rocksters, Metric, are here with their new single, Dressed To Suppress. Following the release of the first single, ‘Dark Saturday’, this is the second cut from their as yet untitled forthcoming album. And it’s a beaut of a song. The band – singer, Emily Haines – guitarist, James Shaw – bassist, Joshua… Keep Reading

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – O2 Kentish Town Forum

The hottest night of the year needed a cool band. And we got one of the coolest of them all. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Peter Hayes, Robert Levon Been and Leah Shapiro – took over the O2 Kentish Town Forum, and shook the building to its foundations with pure, unadulterated rock music. Opening song of the night was ‘Spook’, from the ‘Wrong Creatures’ album – the most featured album of the… Keep Reading

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NEW MUSIC: Saytr Play ‘Fragile’

Manchester knows a thing or two about indie/dance music. More than you think, actually…. And these local lads are here with their take on that particular scene. Who are they, you ask??? They are Saytr Play, and this is their new single, Fragile. A song that tells of inner conflict and mental health concerns, but told with an upbeat tempo and the encouragement to, “Shout it out!”, tells you all… Keep Reading

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NEW MUSIC: New Single From Lion ‘Oh No’

Here at Flick Of The Finger, we enjoy bringing you the next generation of artists that will grace your music world. And this time, it’s the roar of English singer-songwriter, Lion. Based in good old London town, Lion, or Beth Lowen to her friends and family, has already made her mark with her first single, Self Control, and has already supported the likes of The Vaccines, Albert Hammond Jr. from… Keep Reading

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ALBUM REVIW: James ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’

One of the founding fathers of the Manchester scene are back again with a new album. And they still mean business. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, James are sitting down next to you once again with their new studio album, Living In Extraordinary Times. And there is seemingly no let up in their incredible music making. Album opener is Hank, a heavy electronic sound, with lead singer, Tim Booth, giving a… Keep Reading

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FILM REVIEW: Muse ‘Drones World Tour’

“The Greatest Show On Earth”, a big claim in the tagline……. But when it’s British rockers, Muse, making that claim, you can take that to the bank. And to prove that it’s not the wildest of boasts, the band released their Drones World Tour film on July 12th. And what a film it is. Filmed in Amsterdam, Milan and Berlin, the trio of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard,… Keep Reading

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Hello Cosmos Release Debut Single ‘Raise The Dawn’

Imagine The Fall if they had taken up electronica music. Hard to see happen, I know, but Hello Cosmos are here, and are giving us a glimpse of what that might have sounded like, with their debut release, Raise The Dawn. Hello Cosmos, consisting of, amongst others, Ben Robinson, Simon Robinson, Angela Chan and Adrian Ingham, have channeled their electric dance beats to this single, and the results hit every… Keep Reading

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The Amazons – Come The Fire, Come The Evening Live E.P

It’s always great seeing a band live. Even better when you can share that experience in your own home too. Hailing from Reading, The Amazons are here, and in their live habitat, with the release of their new E.P, Come The Fire, Come The Evening, on the Fiction Records label. Taken from the shows at the Hexagon in Reading and at Kentish Town Forum in London, the E.P begins with… Keep Reading

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Foo Fighters Live Review, London Stadium

It’s hard to believe that Foo Fighters have been around for over 20 years, it doesn’t seem feasible that this band rose from the ashes of Nirvana, soon after Kurt Cobain’s demise. But they have and they did, and Dave Grohl and company know how to keep their audience happy. And tonight’s show at the London Olympic Stadium was no exception. “ARE YOU READY TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!” screams Dave… Keep Reading

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REVIEW: The Darkness ‘Live At Hammersmith’

Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Kiss. 4 bands who made live albums of which rock music had dared them to venture into, to great acclaim. A live album that made you part of the crowd in your own bedroom. Now it’s the turn of the rock gods of Lowestoft, The Darkness, and their first live album, Live In Hammersmith. Recorded in December 2017, Justin Hawkins, his brother Dan Hawkins,… Keep Reading

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REVIEW: Johnny Marr ‘Call The Comet’

There is an old myth/cliche/belief in music that the third album is always the most difficult. Considering that Johnny Marr’s third album with The Smiths was The Queen Is Dead, he does have a head start on others on how to break that taboo. Fast forward 32 years later, and it’s the third album from Marr’s solo odyssey, Call The Comet. So how does it fare? The album opens with… Keep Reading

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