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Passionate about live music and photography, Working full time as a Graphic Media Designer, avid coffee drinker and the lead singer of Pushing Daisy.
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Graveyard, Copenhell 2018

A time machine just landed on the old shipyard Copenhell and out came 4 Swedish guys, looking like something taken from the late 60´s They really sound and look like they just stepped out of a time machine. The hippie styling and the mustaches were fancy. But is it good enough for the metal packed Copenhell 2018? Or will it just be a misplaced kick in the balls? The authenticity… Keep Reading

Copenhell 2018
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Ghost, Copenhell 2018

The Scandinavian dark lord Cardinal Copia, held service and closed down the main stage on Saturday at this years Copenhell, with a gem infested pope and a saxophone solo that killed. What else can you expect? You might be thinking what the hell is going on here?… but this is kinda what you can expect from a band like Ghost. Masked, unnamed “Ghouls” playing instruments in a theatrical setup, musically… Keep Reading

Copenhell 2018 reviews
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Deftones, Copenhell 2018

Eight years has gone since Deftones ravaged the first ever Copenhell, now it was time for another round. Deftones are well known for an experimental approach to metal, well composed songs and high intensity shows. The expectations were sky high, and as expected Deftones delivered an overwhelming and breath taking performance leaving the crowd wanting more. The band played an intense full 90 minutes show with only a few song… Keep Reading

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Diretone/Thunder & Lightning/Gods Among Machines @Underwerket

From tons of heavy riffing to oldschool ballads. The three bands was a well mixed musical experience but not all was smooth sailing: _________ God Among Machines First supporting act Gods Among Machines is a good exampel of what you get, when you crossbreed „Down” with „Rage Against The Machine”. As the band takes on the stage, people are crowded in the minimalistic yet cosy and intimate limited space „Underwerket”… Keep Reading

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Myrkur, Copenhell 2017

The Beauty & The Darkness PANDÆMONIUM STAGE, 24. JUNE: Myrkur rose from the dark northern woods into the pits of hell on the Pandæmonium stage in Copenhell. Amalie Bruun, Danish lead singer of Myrkur may look like a delicate and fragile flower but don’t be fooled, looks can be deceiving. She has been hated and loved by audience and reviewers from the very beginning of Myrkur. Especially the primarily male… Keep Reading

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Slayer, Copenhell 2017

SLAAAAYYYYER!!!! HELVÍTI STAGE, 24. June: No need to say more…The mighty thrash kings are back in hell. Headliners Slayer closed down hell on the Helvíti stage at Copenhell. They have been around since you can remember, though the members look older, after 30 years and still counting, they are still in the game. They never seem to slow down and that is part of what defines them as a band.… Keep Reading

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Five Finger Death Punch, Copenhell 2017

I think we came off on the wrong note here… Can we start over? HELVÍTI STAGE, 23. JULY: Five Finger Death Punch seemed more lively then ever, borrowed leadsinger Tommy Vext (Divine Heresy, Snot) brought renewed energy and showmanship to the hard tried band. Vext hit the notes and fitted the role perfect. I must admit i have never really gotten into Five Finger Death Punch’s music. The neverending overexposed… Keep Reading

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Lost Society, Copenhell 2017

Thrashing at its finest. PANDÆMONIUM STAGE, 24. JULY: The heavy metal super heroes from Finland Lost Society delivered som serious old school thrashing on the Pandæmonium scene at Copenhell. When you think of Finland, the first thing coming to mind might drinking and cold weather, now Finland can write Thrash metal on the resumé. It has been a busy couple of years for the quartet from Finland, who has managed… Keep Reading

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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Copenhell 2017

An epic goodbye to an epic audience Hades stage, 23. June: Dillinger Escape Plan Returned to Denmark one last time after an extensive European and American tour. The band brought major havoc to Copenhell in 2010, now they are back at shit island in Copenhagen to bring Mathcore into the mix. The last time the band visited Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, we all thourght it was over, done and goodbye. So… Keep Reading

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Airbourne, Copenhell 2017

Is it a bird, is it a plane no it’s Airbourne. Where is Angus and Johnson?? I know they are hiding out back and it’s just a cover up…the resemblance is striking. It’s not everyday you get compared to a titan like AC/DC, but it is meant as a compliment. Australian Airbourne formed by the brothers Joel & Ryan O’Keeffe in 2003, released the first EP “Ready To Rock” in… Keep Reading

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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Copenhagen

The Dillinger Escape Plan played a sold out Pumpehuset,Copenhagen This is Mathcore mastery. While it seemed like everyone was going to the newly opened Royal Arena, The Dillinger Escape Plan managed to sell out their show in Copenhagen. The venue “Pumpehuset” (roughly translated to Pump House) an old water pumping plant in the heart of Copenhagen is tonights venue. “Pumpehuset” has a special history and is an important part of… Keep Reading

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The Dillinger Escape Plan tour Denmark

DK tour start on January 31: Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen After almost two decades on stages around the world, the American hardcore band The Dillinger Escape Plan chose to pull the plug last year. Despite a critic praised album in 2016 (Dissociation) the band will split after a comprehensive european tour. Beatbox Entertainment will host no less than three live concerts in Denmark. You will have the opportunity to see The Dillinger… Keep Reading

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Dinosaur Jr, Amager Bio, Copenhagen

On tour in Europe, Dinosaur Jr. visited a cold Copenhagen on a regular Wednesday night. The crowd turned out to be a difficult kind. It took some time, but they eventually woke up. The last couple of weeks of tiring american election controversies, followed closely by the Danish people and the rest of the world, has left people with election hangovers and in desperate need of something positive to hang… Keep Reading

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The Cure, Forum, Copenhagen

The Perfect Imperfect The Cure played a full 2 hours and 45 minute set in Forum Copenhagen this friday. 30 years on top of their game and they’ve still got it. Forum (Copenhagen) has always been challenging for the most established bands. The gray concrete block with the tacky neon sign on the front, has been repeatedly guilty of ruining numorous concerts the last 10 years, but not this time. This… Keep Reading

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