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Macclesfield Festival 2019

Return of the Macc… The FOTF festival season countdown has well and truly begun and the next one on our radar is Maccslefield Fest : July 20th 2019. Headlining this years one-day musical bonanza will be British icons Soul II Soul, spreading their mantra of a happy face, a thumpin’ bass for a lovin’ race and god knows we could all do with a bit of that at the moment.… Keep Reading

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Tinfoils Release New Single – The Royal Baby Machine

Launch Night Party at The Peer Hat, Manchester, on 07/03/2019 If you are in or around the Manchester area on Thursday, FOTF can highly recommend you get yourselves down to The Peer Hat for a night of filthy rock and roll to celebrate the Tinfoils new release ‘Royal Baby Machine’. We recently had a listen to the single and we were dead impressed. Describing their own sound as no frills,… Keep Reading

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Cold Water Swimmers to Release New Double A-Side Single: ‘Summer Breeze’/I’ll be Your Witness’

Manchester based CWS are back  with their gritty and honest take on life. The first track ‘Summer Breeze’, may not sound as fierce as their previous offerings ‘She’s Falling Apart and Everything We’ve Ever Had (We’ve had to Fight For)’, but make no mistake it’s not as fluffy and delicate as the title suggests, still delivering the same fuck you energy the 3 piece punk outfit do so well. Described… Keep Reading

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The Pagans S.O.H Release Debut Single Banananah

Without wanting to go all Forrest Gump, reviewing music is like a bag of revels. You’ve got the coffee ones that are definitely an acquired taste and not for everyone, or the toffee sort that are pretty enjoyable but not always that memorable. Sometimes though a band comes along that is the musical equivalent of striking lucky with the mighty malteaser*, making you feel like you have hit the chocolate… Keep Reading

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Harry Jordan: Birmingham’s Queen of Rockabilly Announces New Single ‘Devils Been Keeping my Seat Warm’

Forget a boy named Sue, it’s all about a girl called Harry Jordan. Following on from previous releases, ‘Devil in a Push Up Bra’ and ‘Hell in High Heels’, this latest offering is not for the faint-hearted. It’s sassy. It’s fierce. The guitar riffs are sleazy, the drums tribal and the bass line stomping. Jordan’s vocals are soulful, ethereal, powerful and raw;  like the voice of a leather-clad angel –… Keep Reading

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The Snug Live: Manchester’s Hidden Gem!!

Unless you have been to Atherton, a small town about 10 miles from Manchester city centre, you may not have heard of The Snug, an independent coffee shop tucked just off the main High Street. After their recent  ‘Snug Live’ event, that soon may be about to change. With a courtyard garden, a mishmash of furniture styles, music-themed pictures (many of which have been painted by customers), an obvious love… Keep Reading

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Tim Peaks Diner, Kendal Calling 2018

At Flick of the Finger, we love Kendal Calling. It’s one of our favourite festivals. Whilst the now familiar rain may dampen pretty much everything on and around us, the one thing it can never touch is our spirits. Set in picturesque countryside, with 11 stages, a quirky woodland area and enough fancy dress outfits to rival the fez-wearing shopkeeper in Mr Benn, there’s always one place in particular we… Keep Reading

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Cold Water Swimmers Release Double Debut Tracks

Difficult times can produce great music, as evidenced over the years by an array of brilliant politically-inspired songs, providing a much needed voice for the defiant, disheartened and forgotten. Given the economic and social climate we find ourselves in once more, it’s no surprise perhaps that Cold Water Swimmers have a few choice words of their own. When a whole country pretty much agrees  that Danny Dyer talks more political sense… Keep Reading

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Children of the State Debut EP: Kill Your Darlings

Don’t Kill Uncle,  Kill Your Darlings Instead! Choosing a band name is a big responsibility. Firstly it’s got to be something original yet memorable (you got to give King Gizard & The Lizard Wizard their dues there). Secondly, it’s a burning question often asked in interviews so having an interesting anecdote to impress upon someone is always a smart move. Thankfully Children of the State know the score; their moniker… Keep Reading

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My Bloody Valentine Bring the Noise to Birmingham

When you go to a gig and they hand out free protective ear gear, you know you’re in for an experience. Queuing at the O2 Institute in Birmingham to watch My Bloody Valentine (MBV), reminded me of waiting in line for the ‘Big One’ at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Whilst I was excited at the prospect of what was to come,  I was also pretty nervous about whether I would make… Keep Reading

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Sonic Youth Slept on My Floor: A brilliant insight into the Hacienda, ‘Madchester’ and what Morrissey had for tea

Dave Haslam in a Birmingham Town Hall When the opportunity arose to either spend the evening with former Hacienda resident superstar DJ Dave Haslam talking about his new book ‘Sonic Youth Slept on My Floor’, or a night in with Love Island eating my body weight in biscuits, it was a no brainer. Sorry Dave, I’ll catch you next time, I promise. Clearly I jest. This was an event not… Keep Reading

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Rolling Stones, Coventry Ricoh Arena – No Filter, No Filler!

It’s only Rock n Roll and I love it As a music reviewer all you can really ask of yourself is that you keep an open mind and be honest. I’m going to be upfront with you now, this was never going to happen last night. It was the Rolling frikkin Stones, man. Mick could have come on stage shouted a few “is everyone doing alriiiiight?’, clapped a bit, made… Keep Reading

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The Pagans Are Aliiiiiiiiiive!!

Black Country boys raise the roof at Birmingham’s O2 Academy Whilst visiting the geographical heart of England, a friend suggested I hot-footed it to the O2 Academy to watch The Pagans – a local band they had discovered at the recent Musicians Against Homelessness  ‘Royal Bedding Day’ event. Playing at the album launch of Enemo J, a group who describe their own style as ‘SCREAMY SHOUTY RARRAR’, I’ll be honest,… Keep Reading

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‘Let it Burn’ Amazing New Single from GOAT

The experimental fusion group from Sweden are on fire once again When I tell you ‘Let it Burn’ is full of tribal drums, banshee like vocals and melodic flutes, you will be forgiven for conjuring up images of Jools Holland Show ensembles that always seem to provide the perfect moment to get up and refill your drink. Hang on…please put that empty glass down. Let me first set you a scene: 1970s Scottish… Keep Reading

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Pride in ‘City Calm Downs’ Latest Offering

Melancholic rockers ‘City Calm Down’ announce the latest single, Pride, from their recently released album ‘Echoes in Blue’ Moving away from the roaring post-punk bass hooks that repeatedly punctuated the Melbourne bands last single (In This Modern Land), Pride is far more of a tightly orchestrated synth & sax affair that quite frankly wouldn’t look out of place on a 1980s soundtrack; alongside the likes of The Psychedelic Furs and… Keep Reading

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