Corner Café Chronicles – Psychedelic Coolness…

I recently had the pleasure of catching with with the band Corner Café Chronicles. This is a little write up about the band’s concept as a whole. Corner Café Chronicles can be found hanging out in Mumbai, India.

Winning a September 2015 award from Akademia, for Best Hard Rock Song, these guys are not really what I would call hard rock, per-sé…more like psychedelic folk rock. The band is currently two members, Chinmay Patkar, who writes the songs and music, in charge of vocals and production, and Rishi Nandy, guitars and bass. They use a session drummer currently

Both Rishi and Chinmay are experienced musicians, and pull on experience from many different genres, electro and blues, into metal, all of which I think can be heard in fragments on this single. Rishi comes from a background in metal, the band The Eximius Dominus, and you can hear this background in his guitar play.

Chinmay comes from the Electro scene with his solo project The Raga Initiative, which was a great success, and was even used in a few university radio stations and film projects.


I had a small interview with Chinmay regarding their background and approach to music:

Q: So, how long have you been making music, and have you been in any previous projects?

A: I have been making music for six years, and Rishi for twelve years. We both started in high school garage bands, playing blues, classic rock and metal. Rishi received a lot of appreciation for his “The Eximius Dominus” metal band, and I took up a solo Electro project, “The Raga Initiative”, which was successful and used by a few Delhi university radios and film projects.

Q: What are your plans for the future? Can we expect more songs from you?

A: We want to revive the bliss that used to embody rock’n’roll, and combine it with our own sounds. I love the fact that a music genre could define an era like it did, and I think we could use some of that now. We want to interact with people and start a movement towards great music. The thing about music, is that it is simple, universal. It’s a beautiful thing how people can connect to the same thing, regardless of ethnicities, likes, dislikes and cultures. It makes us all whole. For example, take you and I – thousands of miles between us, vastly different cultures – we talk about what music means to us, and it is very commendable. We need to be aware of what music can do to us, and shape us. That is what we have in works for Corner Cafe Chronicles. A committed global movement towards good music; as it is too infinite to have borders.

Q: Any new music in the works?

A: Yes, in April this year we should have three more tracks ready. This time more experimental, with more elements from Folk and Electro Rock, while staying true to our home genre, grunge rock.

“Sunday Rides With Rosie” , the group’s latest single, can best be described as a hot sunny day at a dusty diner, with your Harley or Dodge Challenger parked outside, while living out a road movie that would satisfy Quentin Tarantino.

The song is well produced, the riffs are tight and deliberate, the beat is laidback and smooth, and the vocals are dreamy and cool. Think of The Doors jamming with Steppenwolf while having hangovers on a hot, dusty morning in a diner in the Californian desert. If I was an independent filmmaker, I would definitely use this song in my film.


Personal opinion: The song is about love. And about Rosie. Simple and effective. I really love the mood and the way the song makes me feel, and I think it’s very nicely produced. The song has one verse and one chorus, and a different chorus at the end, plus plenty of guitar riffs. Personally I would have liked two verses and two choruses, plus the other stuff.

The end of the song taper off, one instrument stops playing, then another stops a little later, then another, before it stops. I guess it adds to the laid-back mood of the song, but I think it would feel more complete to have the song fade out volume-wise with all instruments, plus adding the elements I mentioned earlier. This is my honest opinion as a former musician, your opinion may be different.

Check out the band here:

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