We got under the skin of Cabezudos in Liverpool and Manchester

Vocalist Jack talked to us about ‘Zudos, their influences, their writing and what lies ahead for the band

After being invited to Cabezudos’ Liverpool and Manchester shows, we took the opportunity to get to know the band, and find out more about what goes on behind closed doors. It even included watching the World Cup in the pub with the band after their soundcheck.

Q- Which member is the biggest, post-gig drinker? 

A- Worst drinker by far is Sean, the man lives for a pint. In fact, we’ve never met anyone who likes a drink as much as Sean! However, we now have a no drinking before gigs rule, which explains why he looks sad all the time.

Q- Which band(s) made you start Cabezudos, are they the same bands you listen to now? 

A- We’ve been with other bands before, which had different influences, but the bands that made us start Cabezudos are Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, and we still listen to them now.

Q- Do your shows run off a setlist, or do you find it better to play what feels right? 

A- We’ve always had the aim to put on a show for our gigs, and there’s a big element of performance to it, so we put a lot of time into getting the right set list and sticking to it. We think it shows as well, as we have always had quite a reputation for the quality of our live shows.

Q- If you could have one musician play on one of your recordings, who would it be? 

A- Quite a tough one. Would have to choose Jimmy Page, not just for his guitar playing but also for the production and engineering side of things. There would be so much to learn from him. The guitar sounds on all of the Zeppelin albums are unbelievable.

Q- What’s involved in the writing process for new material? Is it a band process, or does one member take the role of songwriter? 

A- Standard process is Chris has a rough idea for a track, brings it in, and we all work on it for a few weeks. It’s quite a gruelling process, and sometimes songs can take months, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Q- What lies ahead for Cabezudos in the near future? 

A- A lot more gigging and a lot of hard work. From here on out, we’ll have a steady succession of singles coming out. We have Y Not Festival at the end of July, and we have just finished recording an absolute belter at Magic Garden Studio. The track is a definite step up from our previous tunes, so we are excited to get it out there. We are yet to confirm the release date, so stay posted.