Embrace return to Liverpool to a loyal audience.

The guys dropped on Liverpool as a taster for their new album out in 2017.

After an interview with Flick Of The Finger in October, I managed to catch Embrace at the Olympia Theatre, for the Liverpool leg of their tour.

The crowd was jammed in, and after speaking to various fans I found that people had travelled far and wide to attend. It seems that Embrace still have a very loyal fanbase and have no trouble drawing a big crowd and filling a theatre.

After playing as a backing band for One Sided Horse, ( talk about warming up! ) the roar of the crowd welcomed Danny McNamara – Vocals, Richard McNamara – Guitar,
Mike Heaton – Drums, Steve Firth – Bass and Mickey Dale – Keyboard, back on stage proper.

After the opening songs of ‘People’ and ‘In The End’ , Danny announced a surprise for the audience, a guest appearance by 13 year old Thomas Salt. Thomas, from Cumbria has been posting You Tube videos of himself playing guitar and was seen by Richard, covering guitar tracks.

After commenting on the clips, and striking up a conversation with Thomas’ dad, Richard invited Thomas to come and play with the band. So Richard announced Thomas on stage to play ‘Follow You Home’. Thomas nailed it, with a fantastic guitar solo followed by a huge round of applause from the audience. Not many bands would be so helpful in realising the dreams of a teenager! The chatter from the audience, was nothing short of God worship, for the band, for giving Thomas his break.

7 songs in and a new song, ‘Love Is A Basic Need ‘, with instruction on how to sing the chorus, the crowd dutifully responded and a choir like harmony filled the theatre. It was really moving.

‘Family’ was followed by the crowd favourite ‘Fireworks’, once again, the crowd acted as the backing vocals. ‘Someday’, ‘Gravity’, ‘I Believe In Father Christmas ‘ followed by Dannys own personal favourite ‘Ashes’. considering its 10 years old, this track still feels as fresh as the day it was released. Finishing with ‘I Had A Time’, ‘Refugees’( my favourite song and in my opinion their lyrically best track ) and ‘Good Will Out ‘

Watching them perform, you get a feel that these guys are truly a band in every sense of the word, in that there is no one person grabbing the limelight, they play well together ( which you would expect from an experienced group ), each instrument is very clear and distinguished and they just, well,… gel.

They are definitely a band that will stand the test of time and one I recommend you go see, seriously, some bands are just better live. Their performance is intimate yet precise and the rapport with the crowd is second to none. With this performance, they have solidified their position as one of the nations truly incredible bands, long may it continue. Their new album is out in the new year, I for one will be ordering a copy.

We rate:
5.0 rating