Kula Shaker the psychedelic rock band, led by frontman Crispian Mills have just started there 20 year anniversary K album tour and they arrived in Bristol with a bang.

I saw them 20 years ago performing the album and was blown away, would I be blown away again I was asking myself before I entered the venue?

It was a wet, damp night and soon as I got in the O2 it felt warm and had a real nice vibe, Josh sticks were burning on stage smelling like india and Kula Shakers back drops looked absolutely stunning.

Crispian Mills came on stage looking very smart indeed sporting a Dickie Bow tie and picked up his guitar starting with The Beatles classic ‘SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ which ironically took me back to our telephone interview saying that certain album in particular was a big influence on the 1996 album K, it felt special in the pit and felt honoured to be there.

After finishing the song he said to the crowd I hear you are here for the k album and picked up a vinyl record and put it on a record player with a cheeky grin.

Luckily he was joking and in true Kula Shaker style they started with hey dude, the crowd went jumping crazy, The band have so much energy and Crispin running, dancing around the stage playing the guitar like he does best is to be admired.

As a frontman he has so much charisma / passion and looking at him he didn’t look any older then he did 20 years ago.

They played hit after hit ‘Hush’, ‘Tattva’ and the classic Grateful when your dead stood out for me, the packed out crowd was mesmerising by them singing along to every song.

When they played for 30 minutes or so they played a few songs which wasn’t on the album, ‘shower your love’ ‘under the hammer’ and a George Harrison rift which was given to them by the man himself ‘Gokula’ a powerful song indeed.

Kula Shaker 20 years on were tight as ever, all band members are defiantly true talented musicians so yet again I was definitely BLOWN away by there classic 90s album K.

Long live Kula Shaker.

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5.0 rating