The Slow Readers Club Headline A sold out Ritz without any support from the corporate mainstream, only a belief and drive to deliver their infectious brand of electro indie.

Having sold out the venue weeks in advance, and technically the bands biggest headline gig to date, which must be commended at any level, many well established bands have graced the stage over the years and many have not sold the place out.

The Slow Readers Club, have plotted a pathway culminating into tonight’s 1500 capacity sell-out.

The great thing about tonight’s gig is we are blessed with support from Larkins and Puppet Rebellion, two other local bands like The SRC. Both Bands working on building a reputation and a following like tonight’s host.

When Larkins take to the stage for their set the place is already getting full. Certainly, there is a quality and a structure to Larkins which runs through how they perform, Melodic guitars and a seamless rhythm and bass with superb vocals, firmly place them as sounds of the future, the crowd are already in full flow, as this has been a perfect opener, bigger things are surely on the way for these guys.

Next to take to the stage are the excellent Puppet Rebellion, another local set of lads that hold their own, no matter what stage they take to. Not having seen the band since Oliver took over lead vocals, a role that he comfortably held, with a confidence you would expect from a front man. The band deliver a set full of power and passion. Think Interpol and you won’t be far away. “Cupboards Painted Red” along with “The Greatest lie ever told” are the stand out tracks.

The cry of Reader, Readers, Readers greet our hosts onto the stage and they immediately launch into “Cavalcade”. Although this is the bands biggest headline gig, the band have on their journey played some of the country’s biggest and best venues, which probably accounts for confidence that’s oozing from the stage, the experience has added a notch to the bands stage presence.

Drawing tracks from the Album “Cavalcade” there is a mood and atmosphere brewing from the stage, one that is enhanced by the crowd.

“Sirens” coupled with “Start Again”, show the polish the band have perfected, David Whitworth on drums, pushes and pulls the percussion in simplistic yet perfectly timed direction. The Link between Himself and Jim Ryan on Bass is integral to the bands effervescent structure,

Known for their Dark Brooding Indie, Electro sound. A sound that reaches all quarters of the Ritz, pushed from the stage and lapped up by a crowd who have embraced a band who have got here of their own back.

Kurtis Starkie seems to lead and feed the intricate layers found within the band’s music, “One more minute”, “Feet on Fire”, and “Plant the seed” see this come to the fore. This is effortless yet so enthralling, tonight’s venue is full of people from all over the country, even some had made the trip from abroad, not bad for a band that is not funded by the corporate mainstream, no major label hyping things up. This has been all the bands doing, structured and deliberate.

Whilst the bedrock of the band is the music, you cannot ignore how well written the lyrics are, another integral ingredient of the DNA of the band, but lyrics are one thing delivering them is another, in Aaron Starkie, the SRC have the perfect front man, Starkie has a vocal awareness that harnesses all that is the SRC, his performance is enigmatic, one that draws you in, one that along with the music lets you lose your inhabitations, this is what the SRC are band that draw you in, compel you to join in, that’s where the fifth member of the band comes into play, the crowd become that fifth member, a crowd that until a couple of years ago was only a handful of people in a bar.

“I saw a ghost” and “Know the day”, end a truly great night, one that hopefully will be repeated many times to come. The band take to the stage arms around each other’s shoulders taking in the enormity and the significance of the night they have just hosted, Jim speaks to the crowd letting them know that like them they all hold down the 9-5 day jobs, this is what makes this so special, 9-9, delivering a performance that many could only aspire to, surely it is only a matter of time before the band are rightfully snapped up.