The Real Deal Rock Band…

The Holy love child of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple and The Who has come to Earth! The Australian trio Wolfmother has been with us since their debut in 2006, when they released their self-titled album.

They have become one of the most Googled names in music, especially since the recent release of their new album, “Victorious”. Since Wolfmother should not need any further introduction if you’re reading this, I can agree with my colleague John Hayhurst’s experience: These guys really are the no-nonsense saviours of rock in 2016.
They’ve been called stoner-rock and also metal, but they are neither – it’s classic rock like Zeppelin and Purple would have done it. If you could beam them back to ’69 Woodstock, they would fit in just nicely.

The 1 hour and 25 minutes set had no less than 18 songs, and the usual bullshit between the songs to make the set last longer, was non-existent. A rare but welcome sight from a band this caliber.

Starting with the new title song “Victorious”, “New Moon Rising” and the monster hit from 2005, “Woman”, the sold-out venue was cooking!

It was like watching a magic show with music, with bassist/keyboardist Ian Peres effortlessly juggling two keyboards, effects pedals with his hands, while playing on his white Rickenbacker with the other hand, all while jumping around on stage between the chords of”Apple Tree”, “The Love That You Give”, the already classic “Gypsy Caravan” and “Dimension”.

Singer/guitarist/mastermind Andrew Stockdale had his sunburst Gibson SG running into dual Vox AC30’s, while looking like the child of a wolfmother himself.

The audience was of all ages – those who have been to a Zeppelin show back in the day, and the early 20’s kids who’d which they had, were all there watching the magic of 110% musicianship unfold. There was a moshpit, there were couples kissing, this is what a rock show should be.

With a full setlist of these 18 songs, they came, smashed the place in the name of rock, thanked us all humbly, and said goodnight. No ego driven crap, only rock’n’roll (and I liked it):

Wolfmother Set List

New Moon Rising
Apple Tree
The Love That You Give
White Unicorn
White Feather
California Queen
How Many Times
Gypsy Caravan
The Simple Life
City Lights
Where Eagles Have Been

Joker & the Thief

You can find more details on Wolfmother at facebook