Bristol; It’s Saturday night, it’s the last night of the tour, lets Paaaarttyyy!

Last night of The Amazons headlining tour and its a sell out!

SWX, Bristol was packed to the rafters, all were here to see Reading boys, The Amazons, such has been there meteoric rise, the last time they played Bristol 12 months previous was a much smaller venue. The Crofters Rights and 80 people were there to enjoy.

Outside the venue was a large tour bus and trailer, something a little different to Big Suze, the van they had travelled around the UK during the last three years. Big Suze met her demise recently and was torched. The photograph being used for there self titled album released in May this year, and on many t-shirt people were wearing tonight.

Tonight’s set promoted the album, and they opened with Ultraviolet, a song they’d recently released a video for. Its clearly a favourite of their fans as they hit the ground running, the high energy of this song, sets the bar for the rest of the evening.

There is a good lighting show, much of it back lit, but it’s the music that’s doing the talking tonight. The crowd are in their element, the majority of which have heard the band before and hanging on their every note. 

Another song that went down a storm created loads of audience participation was In my Mind, the already enthusiastic crowd started singing the chorus back to the band. This is a band that not only play high energy music, but one that many are able to connect with. It would be too simplistic to say the audience was made up of twenty something’s, but their music has a very broad fan base, and I’m happy to say I’m not the oldest in the venue tonight

The band have released several songs from the album, as with much of the music its catchy rock music that grabs your attention, and they certainly have recently. Their songs are fully loaded, are riff laden, and with lyrics that fans know well and are singing along to, almost chant like.

Continuing to keep the audience on its toes vocalist Matt tells the audience ‘it’s a great place to end the tour, so come n lots peaaartyyy’, not that they need an excuse. The party atmosphere is in full swing and other songs are clearly going down well.

The set is over all too soon unfortunately, as the lights dim down and the band leave the stage, Matt returns to the stage for an encore and plays the electric piano for a slow ballad Palace, its very different to the rest of the set, next Guitarist Chris Alderton joins him.   The rest of the band re-appear, at the end along with the support act The Pale White to bring the party to a close with the song Junk Food Forever. By now I think anyone not singing along is in the minority the whole audience appears to be singing along with this.

When the song close’s its not over though, the audience is singing the song all over again, Clearly Matt is over awed by this as he comes back out again to thank the audience.

The Amazons definitely get 5 stars for an excellent performance tonight, whether, or not is spurred on by the last night of the tour I’m not sure, but they went down fantastically well with an already enthusiastic crowd and I reckon gained more fans.