Extreme Measures

Architects, the UK five-piece, had chaotic conditions during their show at Copenhell last night, but this didn’t kill it:

As the show started very late, 12.15am, and the rain was pouring down at this point, you’d think the crowd would be scarce. But no – “Nihilist” came on for starters, followed by “Deathwish” and “These Colours Don’t Run”, and frontman Sam Carter screamed: “If this is a metal festival, why the fuck are you all just standing there like fucking lemmings!” The crowd jumped, and the whole place was cooking!

Architects has been in bad luck for the last few years, starting with founding-member guitarist Tom Searle very sadly dying at only 28, in 2016. This hasn’t stopped the band pushing forward though, and the lads gave a top-notch show this very late and very rainy night at Copenhell.

As “Downfall” was near its middle, the heavy rain cut off the power to the front PA, and the band quietly sat down and drank beer, while the crew worked hard to fix it.

No one leaved. No one bailed. People went to get beer, but came back, and as the power came back, so did Architects – stronger and heavier than before.

A must-see for metalcore fans, a band presenting extreme measures at their shows.

We rate:
4.0 rating