Cal Ruddy headlining at the famous Cavern Club, Liverpool.

When people headline at the Cavern, you tend to go along to watch with your hopes up. Its a big deal, especially in Liverpool.

Well, Cal rose to the occasion magnificently. Performing songs, all written by himself ( bar Weed Bus, a cover by The Stairs ) much to the pleasure of the audience.

Cal states his influences as good old rock’n’roll staples, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Marc Bolan and of course The Beatles, to name a few. However, he does have his own style, and it comes across. You think you can hear bits of other people, but it’s just Cal’s own style, he’s found his own niche and goes at it with gusto.

Comfortable and easy on stage, the band seemed very happy performing in front of a large home crowd. Perfect time, well written, thoughtful music, what more could you want. Speaking to Cal before the show, he comes across as quiet and some might say, a bit introvert. Put him on stage and boy does he change.

Tons of swagger, confidence and real stage presence. Each song followed into the next with ease. The crowd noisy and jubilant throughout. Fellow band members Sam Rabette/Bass…Tom Wright/Lead Guitar …and Justin Johnson/Drums, all seemed to enjoy the evening as well, which endeared them even more to the audience. When the band are relaxed and happy, it does come across and affect the mood of the crowd.

After appearances on BBC Merseysides’  ‘Dave Monks Introducing’ show and local news channels showing an interest, things can only go from strength to strength. Cal has several more live events over the coming weeks, including the West Kirkby Live festival, I advise you to take the trip, the destination is wonderful.

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