Deaf Havana are back, and boy do they mean it.

I headed down to the O2 Institute in Birmingham last night to catch Deaf Havana do their thing on their first full UK Tour in three years.

First up to the stage was UK metal band, Dead!, who obviously came to rock the stage as rock is what they did. With questionable facial expressions from the vocalist, the four-piece played a stellar half-hour set that I think shocked everyone in the room who had not heard them before.

With a rather contrasting stage set up that included lamps and flowers, Dead! performed song after song of hard rock/metal goodness that had the crowd paying attention immediately. Although they were an unlikely support act for a band like Deaf Havana, they were definitely a good choice.

Next up were Dinosaur Pull Up, who were a little bit more mellow than the previous band, but no less impressive. The English Alternative Rock band played their hearts out, doing a half an hour set of their best tracks for a very attentive audience.

Reminding me of the Foo Fighters, crossed with Nirvana, I am very surprised that Dinosaur Pull Up are not bigger than they already are considering they’ve been going since 2007. But if you haven’t heard of them, I’m sure you will very, very soon.

And then, finally, after a few technical difficulties, it was time for the moment everyone was waiting for: Deaf Havana’s turn to the grace the stage. Although the show was not sold out, the main room of the O2 Institute was jam-packed with fans of all kinds waiting for the band to make their long-awaited comeback. It was worth the wait.

‘born to be on the stage’

The band opened with a song off their new album, which I feel perhaps wasn’t the best choice but the crowd didn’t seem to mind as they immediately began singing along to every word, despite the album only coming out less than a month ago.

The band went on to play an hour and a quarter set, with an eighteen song-set list, and I’m pretty sure the crowd sang every word of every song; that’s how you know you’re doing good as a band in my eyes.

The songs included hits from their past three albums, but mostly consisted of songs from the new album which is to be expected when it’s a tour to celebrate the release but it was extremely well-received by the doting fans who turned up.

When performing ‘22’, the crowd went mad – singing along to every word and dancing the whole time. The band then performed one of their latest singles ‘Fever’, which lead singer, James Veck-Gilodi, forgot some of the words to, which did seem to go unnoticed until he mocked himself by saying “I’m the only person I know that forgets the words to their own songs”; but this honesty and mocking can only be appreciated when his lyrics are as good as they are.

The band consistently thanked the crowd for sticking with them, with James Veck-Gilodi adding “Thank you for waiting around for three years while we didn’t really do anything. We really can’t thank you enough, we didn’t think we’d ever tour again but to come out to this is amazing”.

Now, I may be a little biased, seen as they are my favourite band, and this was my third time seeing them live, but I really believe that Deaf Havana were born to be on the stage and this show only proved that to me even more.

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