The Dillinger Escape Plan played a sold out Pumpehuset,Copenhagen

This is Mathcore mastery. While it seemed like everyone was going to the newly opened Royal Arena, The Dillinger Escape Plan managed to sell out their show in Copenhagen.

The venue “Pumpehuset” (roughly translated to Pump House) an old water pumping plant in the heart of Copenhagen is tonights venue. “Pumpehuset” has a special history and is an important part of Copenhagen live underground and mainstream music scene. The walls has seen some shit through time. Like any other live rock venue in Copenhagen, “Pumpehuset” has been struggeling to keep their finances together, but tonight the house is fully packed and people are amped to see the show. There is a sense of sadness, I realize that this might be the last time we will see The Dillinger Ecape Plan live on Danish soil. Last year the band annonced that they would not be touring anymore because of the financial pressure they experience as a touring band, so this is might be a goodbye and farewell
tour. I had a feeling that this night would be special, and it was.

Attending a Dillinger Escape Plan concert is always exciting, there is a certain element of uncertainty, keeping in mind the notorious live shows and the non predictable behaviour… some might still remember Reading Festival in 2002… The infinate creativity, the uncertain elements, the sound chaos – this is why we love this band, they take you to the edge and keep you there.

The Danish band Town Portal was supporting TDEP, which was a nice feature. The instrumental trio fitted in perfect, mixing alternative rock with progressive rock and ambient jazz, clearly inspired by the headlining act.

Unorder and chaos might come to mind, when you hear TDEP, but don’t you think for one second, that these guys are not in control. With a punk “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, Dillinger Escape Plan started off with “Limerent Death” from their recent album, “Dissociation” tearing everything apart with an in your face attitude, excessive use of strobe lighting, and an energy that would hit like a sledge hammer. Moving on quickly to the slightly chaotic “Panasonic Youth” and over to the more mellow and dark “Symptoms Of Terminal Illness”.

The audience was clearly affected by the energy given from the stage. The crowd became more and more active, crowd surfing and stage diving.”Black Bubblegum” taken from the bands album “Ire Works” was a Faith No More reference and well performed. The song “Farewell, Mona Lisa” was for me the peak of the evening. It was intens and well played. After a short break, the evenings three last songs was blasted off. Guitarist Ben Weinman, managed to climb up on the side railing of the room at the end of the last song “43% Burnt” while lead singer Greg Puciano would surf the crowd.

The band delivered an uncompromising energy outburst; It was everything you could expect from The Dillinger Escape Plan. They have managed to stay true to the hardcore punk roots and go their own way throughout time, while they have taken the freedom to renew themselves musically. It takes courage to stand out, and they have it. It is safe to say that they delivered a first class performance this evening. This was a great way to celebrate and finish off two decades of music – we say thank you and and hope to see you again in Denmark.

The Dillinger Escape Plan was involved in a serious car crash Sunday, when a truck rammed their tour bus. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but this forced the band to cancel the scheduelled gig in Warsaw. We hope everyone is safe and that the band will be back on track quickly.

Limerent Death
Panasonic Youth
Symptom of Terminal Illness
When I Lost My Bet
Sugar Coated Sour
Black Bubblegum
Wanting Not So Much to as To
Milk Lizard
Low Feels Blvd
One of Us Is the Killer
Nothing to Forget
Farewell, Mona Lisa

Mouth of Ghosts
Sunshine the Werewolf
43% Burnt