An epic goodbye to an epic audience

Hades stage, 23. June:

Dillinger Escape Plan Returned to Denmark one last time after an extensive European and American tour. The band brought major havoc to Copenhell in 2010, now they are back at shit island in Copenhagen to bring Mathcore into the mix. The last time the band visited Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, we all thourght it was over, done and goodbye. So we were all pleasantly surprised to hear the band would give us on last night of havoc at Copenhell.

Like some people will love the explosive energy of Dillinger Escape Plan, some just won¥t. A couple of grandpas in the back, didn¥t quite get the point. They raved about how the music was too noisy and the crowd was too wild… they clearly never attended a Dillinger Escape Plan concert. While grumpy grandpas tried to blend in with their coffee filled beer cups, nodding their heads to the complex rhythms, trying to make sense of what the fuck was going on, standing there making faces like “I really want to get into this music but, what is this???”, everyone who loved The Dillinger Escape Plan, was in the pit up front having a blast. Starting off with the brutal opening track “Prancer” taken from the album “ONE OF US IS THE KILLER” released in 2013, the band showed everyone they were not done yet… The Dillinger Escape Plan played some of the more mainstream songs like “Black Bubblegum” and “Milk Lizzard” but kept the energy high throughout the whole hour set. The brutal and heavy and well played “Happiness Is a Smile” made it on the setlist too. The Dillinger Escape Plan ended off with the slightly chaotic “43% burnt”.

So what happens after DEP?
Well who knows? Anything can happen really. We have seen Greg Puciato in the Killer be Killed Constallation and Ben Weinmann in the Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, im pretty sure the other bandmembers won¥t be out of work after the breakup. In the last 20 years, this band has kept the energy burning and they have always been brutal honest musically so my guess is they will all still be creative. What ever will happen we will definitly keep our eyes open. Thank you for the music and once again thank you for visiting Denmark one last time.

1. Prancer
2. When I Lost My Bet
3. Panasonic Youth
4. Black Bubblegum
5. Milk Lizard
6. Surrogate
7. Symptom of Terminal Illness
8. Happiness Is a Smile
9. One of Us Is the Killer
10. Farewell, Mona Lisa
11. Sunshine the Werewolf
12. Limerent Death
13. 43% Burnt