Dream Wife stormed into Liverpool with support from Sløtface and Peaness.

Thursday 12th October 2017 saw Dream Wife hit Liverpools’ Magnet club.

The three piece of Rakel Mjoll – Vocals, Alice Go – Guitar and Bella Podpadec – Bass, showed other bands exactly how to wow an audience. With punchy guitars, hammering bass, somewhat explicit lyrics and quirky singing, Dream Wife became a firm favourite with the Liverpool crowd.

Before the concert the girls where flitting round the venue chatting to anyone and everyone. Showing that they didn’t once think they were above anyone else or had any delusions of grandeur.

Formed from an art school project ( I won’t bore you with the details, there has been tons written about them, look it up ) Dream Wife have grown into a fully fledged, must see band. Not once did I think one member was over powering the other, or that certain melodies didn’t sit right, it all just, well, gelled! They gave a masterclass performance and crowd interaction was superb. They certainly have stage presence.

Starting with Hey Heart and Lolita before diving into the crowd favourite Fire. Racing from Take It back and into Love Without Reason and Kids. Stopping now and again for a total blackout and weird radio messages was a nice touch.
Following straight on with Somebody, Everything and Act My Age before finishing with FUU .

Harking back to the glory days of girl bands such as The Slits and The Au Pairs, I was transported back to when music was simple, important and stripped bare. It seems Dream Wife have tapped into a new, rich vein of musical gold.

I get to see plenty of bands, none recently have made me sit up and take notice as much as Dream Wife. I found myself forgetting to take pics and joining in with the crowds pulsing and gyrating. One band I heartily recommend and I will take the time to go see them again, only this time not for work, strictly for my own pleasure.

We rate:
5.0 rating