110% energy from the Hertforshire quintet!

Copenhell 2017 started out for our Denmark team, with nothing less than 200 mph with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on the Pandemonium stage:

Right from the get-go, Carter and his team made the smallest stage explode with energy. The audience was engaged from the first second to the last, and with their devilish punk-rock, they had the stuffed crowd in their hands. Carter’s wireless kept falling off, for an on-going laugh for everyone, including Carter. With the weather having cleared all up, it was pure enjoyment for everyone, and a party – no less!

At some point, Carter wanted a mosh circle, and initially it was small, but after a few words of “f’ing c**nts, can’t you make a circle?”, the circle filled most of the space in front of the stage. After a few more songs, Carter called for an all-women crowd surf, warning all men: ” If anyone is touched inappropriately, I’ll cut your fucking head off. We’ll have dickhead roast for dinner……” Classic!!

Never slowing down for just a second, Carter and his guys was interactive and present, as always.

When the last song came on, “I Hate You”, the guys dedicated it to everyone who knew someone who they hated, but, “Bear in mind, someine probably feels the same about you!” Nevertheless, the whole crowd sang with him: “I hate you, and I wish you’d die!!”

Carter finished off with a selfie