Frank Iero once again proves that even fourteen plus years into his career, he can still put on one hell of an electrifying punk show.

Swiftly cruising on from their September EP release Keep the Coffins Coming, Frank Iero and the Patience quickly found themselves back in the UK for more – this time in Wolverhampton’s one and only The Slade Rooms.

The jam packed night was opened by alt rockers PACESHIFTERS, bringing their own brand of cutting guitar work and grunge-coated vocals to the already excited audience. The three piece made good use of their short set time, youthfully bouncing across the stage and swinging their instruments wildly around the room. The band even went as far as to bring on The Patience’s guitarist Evan Nestor and drummer Matt Olsson near the end of their set, making for a chaotic finish to an already impressive performance; not to mention a loud one.

The Homeless Gospel Choir was up next, but don’t let the name fool you. I’ll be the first to admit confusion when a single figure with an acoustic guitar walked into the stage lighting, wearing a baggy floral shirt and boldly proclaimed “tonight we’re gonna fuck shit up!”. Nevertheless, the act came through with a collection of wonderfully catchy acoustic punk songs which quickly garnered the attention of the crowd. Existing fans in the audience gleefully sung along, shouted requests and cheered, making for a great atmosphere throughout the set. The act’s welcoming, positive and forward thinking message of inclusivity also echoed in between songs, keeping up the good vibes.

Entering the stage and quickly setting it ablaze, Frank Iero charged into the first two songs of the band’s set, World Destroyer and Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!. Immediately, the group’s remarkable energy and larger than life presence began to take a hold on the now frantic room.

The large audience screamed along to Iero’s lyrics while the more daring fans crowd surfed over the barrier, reaching for the band members as they touched the ground. As the two songs came to an end and cheering died down, Iero stepped closer to the microphone and spoke, “How we doing tonight Wolverhampton?!”

While this band are certainly no strangers to the stage, their performance was on point as ever. Guitars crunched and distorted as percussion ensured the crowd were bouncing, keeping the quiet moments to a minimum in a classic punk fashion. Iero’s voice was particularly amazing, as his course, gritty vocals bounded throughout the dimly lit room, shining specifically in tracks Bff and No Fun Club

Iero also took the time between songs to interact with the crowd, modestly thanking his fans for their attendance and sharing personal stories of monster movies and old bands, all with a humble smile on his face, “As much fun as you proclaim you’re having, I’m having just as much fun”.

As the band ended the night with a two song encore of Joyriding and Oceans, it was already very clear that the band had absolutely smashed it out of the park. Each member gave up the rest of their energy in one last farewell to the fans, frantically swaying and rocking out right up until the final few notes. It was truly a night to remember.

Photos by Sarah Maiden

We rate:
4.5 rating