Thrashing at its finest.


The heavy metal super heroes from Finland Lost Society delivered som serious old school thrashing on the Pandæmonium scene at Copenhell. When you think of Finland, the first thing coming to mind might drinking and cold weather, now Finland can write Thrash metal on the resumé.
It has been a busy couple of years for the quartet from Finland, who has managed to take on big shows throughout Europe supporting American Exodus. We had the pleasure of hearing Lost Society play here at Copenhell. Though the band might look like your next door neighbours pimpled teenage boys off stage, these youngsters sounds like shredding veterans on stage. Everyone was hyped and excited to see this band. It was half hour of full shred ahead and a rioting audience. The four boys from Jyväskylä, Finland, gave it all, at a heart attack inducing pace…. is that even a word? Clearly inspired by oldschool thrash such as Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer they sound authentic and true to the roots of thrash metal. this band is doing it¥s absolutely best to keep the somewhat outdated genre alive. They did it with style and the skill, only fellow old school veteran bands would be proud of. The set was kept short but to the point. They did an amazing job and we are looking forward hearing them in the future.

1. Braindead
2. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
3. Hollow Eyes
4. Terror Hungry
5. Rage Me Up
6. I Am the Antidote
7. N.W.L.
8. Drum Solo
9. Riot