Protesting & Revolution without the “hell yeah”.

They say the weakest link is what makes the difference. Prophets Of Rage is, by many, called the leftovers from Rage Against The Machine. This evening they proved 90% otherwise.

Entering the biggest stage on the festival, Helviti saw a visit from Prophets Of Rage, the ensemble of legends from Rage Against The Machine, coupled with Chuck D. and DJ Lord from Public Enemy, and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Starting out with DJ Lord raising his fist (a black-power homage) and  their new hit “Prophets Of Rage” (included on the group’s album due September 15), it was followed by a row of Rage Against The Machine covers. I think they did great – there will always be a feeling of “something’s missing”, since the iconic Zack De La Rocha really did give it the last little bit, to make it 100%. These are tough shoes to fill.

As the weather was now warm and clear, the 15.000 people attending this show was cooking. At some point during “Unfuck The World”, guitarist Tom Morello played his guitar with its backside towards the crowd, showing off a huge sticker saying: “Fuck Trump”, to much delight of the crowd.

The same Morello later on had a few words to say about the late Chris Cornell, and we got an instrumental version of Cornell’s “Like A Stone”, to which the crowd sang along. The show got off on the right foot, with Rage classics like “Testify” and “Take The Power Back”, but despite of the show’s grandness, many just couldn’t help missing Rocha’s absence. B-Real and Chuck D did a good job though.

This show was the first time the RATM guys are in Denmark since their legendary shows at Roskilde Festival ’94 and ’96, which are indeed the reference concerts of many people old enough. It was, however, a great opportunity for those younger, to see the power of 90’s revolutionary protest music – they just don’t make it like this anymore.

It felt more commercialized. Less punch. Still the same legendary songs though, like only Morello, Commerford and Wilk can play it.


Prophets of Rage
Take the Power Back
Guerrilla Radio
Unfuck The World
Fight the Power
Harder Than You Think
Dr. Greenthumb
Can’t Truss It
Insane in the Brain
Bring the Noise
I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That
Welcome to the Terrordome
Jump Around
Sleep Now in the Fire
Like a Stone
Know Your Enemy
The Party’s Over
Bullet in the Head
How I Could Just Kill a Man
Bulls on Parade
Killing in the Name

We rate:
3.5 rating