After rescheduling the original dates which were due to happen in December 2016, Real Friends hit the UK with a force that made up for the missed time.

With a new line-up involving Microwave and Can’t Swim, Real Friends hit the Birmingham Asylum for a night of crowd surfers and push-pitters galore.

Microwave opened the evening, jokingly telling the crowd ‘We’re a Limp Bizkit tribute act!’ Although far from this, they warmed the early-bird audience up with emo-like tracks that won around even the most stubborn pop-punk kids. With every eye in the room on them, Microwave proved that you didn’t need a full room to put on an impressive set.

The highly anticipated Can’t Swim took to the stage next, bringing with them punchy and solid set. After their most recent album ‘Fail You Again’, Can’t Swim proved why it received such glowing reviews. Although only given half hour to please the crowd, Can’t Swim gave a valuable effort, showing the crowd that they deserved to be that main support slot. A tight-knit and almost flawless performance, Can’t Swim are definitely one to watch out for.

The crowd was now fully warmed up, and the room was buzzing with excitement. Real Friends appeared on stage to full room, and with an 18-song set list ahead of them they wasted no time in to kicking in to what was to be a powerful and passionate set.

A mix of songs from the older album and EPs combined with their most recent album ‘The Home Inside My Head’, Real Friends had put together a set list that would make both earlier and later fans happy. A truly personal moment when a band shows their passion for their music on stage, and bassist Kyle Fasel proved this. Whilst providing sturdy riffs whilst bouncing around the stage as a way to get the fans as hyped as they possibly could be.

The night continued in a sweaty blur. With uncountable pits and multiple finger points – you could not deny that this was a pop-punk show at its finest. Well-known singles such as ‘Late Nights in My Car’ and ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ really got the room shouting back the lyrics to the band, and the looks on the bands faces was priceless. It only encouraged the band to really give back to the audience, pushing through the rest of the set as powerful as they started.

With the evening slowly drawing to a close, Real Friends had come back on for an encore to a crowd who was hungry for more. With vocalist Dan Lambert explaining how the original tour was rescheduled, he gave the crowd hope by explaining that whatever they’re going through, it is okay for them to ask for help. An intimate moment, and one that many would not forget. The encore was made up of ‘I’ve Given Up On You’ and ‘Mess’, as fans screamed the lyrics back one more time. Not one person in the venue was left silent.

Real Friends came back with a bang. With a loyal fan-base that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, Real Friends proved that no matter how hard times get, it is possible to punch through and go at it again.

We rate:
4.0 rating