No need to say more…The mighty thrash kings are back in hell.
Headliners Slayer closed down hell on the Helvíti stage at Copenhell.
They have been around since you can remember, though the members look older, after 30 years and still counting, they are still in the game. They never seem to slow down and that is part of what defines them as a band. Giving it all at full throttle. Slayers fanbase has been known to be loyal and dedicated regardless. The dedicated fans were definitely thrilled and that is what it¥s all about.

They still sound just as heavy as a bag of bricks landing on your face and they are just as furious as they have ever been, and they still sound massive. The pulsating crowd, moved back and forth up front. The crowd was lit. Starting of with the song “Repentless” taken from the 2015 album “Repentless”. The first thing noticed was the drumming. The absence of Dave Lombardo made it all feel more tight, but not necessarily in a good way tight. Paul Bostaph ( Exodus and Testament) replaced Lombardo in 2013 and has since been touring and recording with Slayer and he does a great job, but are still missing the charactaristic “untightness” of lombardo which is a part of the Slayer sound. Next up was the furious “The Anticrist” taken from the album “Show No Mercy” (1983), Delivered at an intense speed. A song that most certainly would have caused controversy and piss off the whole American church community in the 80¥s. No words were necessary between the songs no bullshit no talking just music.
The slow and heavy “Seasons in the Abyss” made the setlist and was place between the other songs that were played in a neck breaking speed, this gave the audience the chance to catch their breath before going back to neck breaking speed with “Spirit in Black”.
Slayer played 130% louder then any other band on the Helviti scene and gave it all, after a good old thrashing they Finished off with the classics Raining Blood, Chemical Warfare, Angel of Death, saving the best for last. Although the show was good, it never got to be fantastic, but they did one hell of a job closing down the pits of hell.


1. Repentless
2. The Antichrist
3. Disciple
4. Mandatory Suicide
5. Hallowed Point
6. War Ensemble
7. Postmortem
8. Dead Skin Mask
9. Hate Worldwide
10. Seasons in the Abyss
11. Spirit in Black
12. South of Heaven
13. Raining Blood
14. Chemical Warfare
15. Angel of Death