Tonight was a night that will be remembered by those in attendance for a long time.

As we entered the venue many were heard to say ..”wow this is intimate”, and indeed it was.

A smaller 500 capacity venue below the main arena was just right for tonight.  What was interesting form the off were the number of families in the room. A fact commented upon by Danny Vaughn, lead singer of Tyketto.

Formed in 1987 by  the former Waysted frontman this band were rose to prominence with their first release on Geffen records “Don’t Come Easy” and have attracted a loyal following ever since. Their music, American Hard Rock, has always done the talking. Driving rhythms, virtuoso guitar work, and outstanding vocal quality and great songwriting are what attracted us back then and still does to this day, 30 years on, with their latest release “Reach”. Oh and tonight was no exception to that rule!

Opening the show were Liverpool’s own .. Scare Tactics. What a great young band with what will hopefully be a bright future. Leaning towards the more technical side of the Metal genre’s they wowed us with some great songwriting and outstanding musicianship. Playing tracks from their newly released album they received a great deal of appreciation form the Tyketto faithful. Catch them at a venue near you soon…

Up next another Liverpool favourite: “Rain May Fall”. Formed in 2012 this Metal crew have supported some of the biggest acts we have had over here in the UK. Never a band to take themselves to seriously they put in a great show.

In fact a good proportion of the crowd were clearly fans of the band and showed them the appreciation they truly deserved. Opening with “Torn Apart” from their 2014 EP they set out to give us a great rock show. Other stand out songs were “Admit” from their latest EP and “Watch Me Drown”. Overall a great show and a band I look forward to seeing again.

And so to the main act …. Tyketto.

Opening with “Kick Like  Mule” from the Reach album we just knew we were in for a treat. Danny Vaughn’s voice is just as good now as it ever was.. glorious. What struck me from the opening was just how much these guys were When bands truley , this is no long time band just going through the motions as many of their contemporaries are seeming to do.

Smaller venues maybe the preference for this tour and you can see just how they love connecting with the crowd, and there we have another interesting take, the crowd. Danny was truly touched with how in the same room parents and their children were loving the show.

One young lad, could have been no more than 8 or 9 was singing so loudly that Danny handed him the mic 2 songs in and belted out “Wings” from the “Don’t Come Easy” with him. That little lad will not forget that moment for a while.

As the set progressed we were treated to songs form the whole Tyketto catalogue although the emphasis was on the new release along with their debut LP. With the departure of original guitarist Brooke St James in 2012 the band  have been given new blood in Chris Green, and boy can this fella play a mean geeetar, a perfect match for Vaughn’s vocal virtuosity.

Along with long standing  drummer Michael Clayton, keyboard player Ged Rowlands and bassist Chris Childs, Vaughn and Green put on one hell of a show. The new album Reach has the band doing what they do best, great songs! and many were on show tonight.

At times it seemed as though they were just lost in their music and that just meant for great entertainment. For me however stand out songs were those from the “Don’t Come Easy” LP where many of us were first introduced to this great band…. oh at that included one of my favourite songs of all time .. “Standing Alone”

Thank you guys for such a great show, it was a privilege to be a small part of a truly great night.

We rate:
5.0 rating