After a great night in Liverpool, ‘Zudos came to Manchester

A hot and sweaty night in Jimmy’s made for one hell of a gig

With two singles under their belt, and another on the way, Cabezudos are really beginning to get a decent following outside of Liverpool, and last nights Manchester gig proved this. Ecstatic fans and amazing music made for one of the best gigs of 2018.

Whilst a few technical difficulties caused a slightly delayed start to the night, Cabezudos didn’t let anything stop them from making this night something really special. They opened with their 2 singles, ‘Calling Your Name’ and ‘Tempting Fate’, two songs which are good to listen to at home, but when you hear them live, they become outstanding. Even with a guitar out of action for ‘Calling Your Name’, the song still sounded incredible, and for a band to be able to do that, just shows how incredible they are. Even whilst the guitar was being sorted, the rest of the band jammed, and lead vocalist Jack joked about the issues.

Right from the outset, you could tell that this night was going to be amazing. Even backstage you could feel the buzz coming from the crowd, and when the first few notes came ringing out of the sound system, there was a really special feeling in the venue. Every song went down a treat, the fans loved it, the band were smiling, and they sounded great. It really showed just how good this band are, and how they are slowly conquering the UK, one city at a time. Liverpool was conquered a while ago, and now Manchester has fallen into the hands of Cabezudos.

Whilst watching the band, I knew I would remember this night for a long time. I’ve never had that feeling about a band, and I believe it’s a sign of how far this band are going to go. Their recordings are superb, their live shows are mind-blowing, and their talent is unreal. There are very few bands who can keep up form that much, with each member just flowing off the rest of the band, so any little jams, or solo’s, that are included in the set are just astonishing to watch. If you get chance, go to a Cabezudos gig, see them conquer the world for yourself.

We rate:
5.0 rating