Southampton’s metalcore band, Bury Tomorrow, return to Manchester’s O2 Ritz.

Accompanied by Crystal Lake, Cane Hill and 36 Crazyfists, Bury Tomorrow tear down the Ritz.

I thought this would be a tough gig to shoot, and I was right. I have never been landed on by so many crowd-surfers in such a small period of time. Couple this with trying to shoot a band who had purposefully raised the stage higher than normal (which, for 5’2” me, is hard enough), and you have a pretty tough show. At one point, I was physically picked up by a member of security, who was trying his best to prevent anyone from getting hurt (thanks man)! But, enough moaning, because the real question is how was the show? And the answer? Fucking insane.

I’m not really into Bury Tomorrow myself; not out of disliking their music, just purely out of not giving them enough of a listen. Metalcore itself is something that is definitely not to everyone’s taste. But, despite that, you cannot deny that Bury Tomorrow put on a show. Every member of the sold out venue was right there with the quintet, every scream echoed, every head-bang mimicked, and what seemed like, every crowd member, crowd-surfing.

The night started a lot earlier than usual, so although I planned to be there for all supports, I only got there for the second half of 36 Crazyfists (the show started at 6, normally doors aren’t even open then?!). The Alaskan metalcore band drummed up plenty of energy for the headliners. Their hit and final set song, ‘Slit Wrist Theory’, allowed the audience to test their vocals out for a very loud crowd-led final chorus, which I, by absolute chance, managed to catch on video. It was awesome, and 36 Crazyfists nailed their set.

So, Bury Tomorrow. Talk about stage presence. The five-piece stampeded onto the stage with such conviction, gesturing to the already ear-piercing crowd to scream louder. The band then jumped into the appropriately named first song of their set, ‘No Less Violent’. It’s hard to take in the performance when you’re weaving in and out of security and the bloody faces of euphoric crowd-surfers, whilst trying to capture the show, but what an opener. Everything about the atmosphere, the energy, the reaction, the participation was just right where it needed to be. It was crazy. Bury Tomorrow then dove straight into the title track of their 2016 album Earthbound, and then into The Union of Crowns track, ‘Royal Blood’. After the first three tracks, frontman, Daniel Winter-Bates, comically asked how both the crowd and security were doing. Naturally, the crowd replied with enthusiastic cheers, and the security replied with exhausted grunts.

The five-piece stormed through their set, which included tracks from their new album Black Flame such as ‘More than Mortal’, ‘Knife of Gold’ and ‘The Age’, as well as older tracks from the two aforementioned albums as well as Runes. The show closed on the Black Flame title track.

Bury Tomorrow have been on my radar for a number of years now, and are a band I keep having to remind myself to listen to. After Friday’s show, that’ll definitely be happening sooner rather than later. The energy was contagious, and even without knowing any tracks, I could still just stand and watch in awe at how five lads could command a crowd with the energy they did. Bravo Bury Tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to catch you soon.

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5.0 rating