• Pandæmonium stage, Friday 22. June:

I had never heard of Canadian Danko Jones, until during Ozzy Osbourne’s show earlier that night, where a friend said, “Danko Jones are three guys playing red-hot rock’n’roll with a punker-fuck-you-attitude. No frills, just seductive energy. You HAVE to go see them!” And so I did, and my friend was right. He was SO right!

The Canadian trio is a weird ensemble, with nothing but instruments plugged straight into amps. Hell, singer/guitarist Danko himself didn’t even use a wireless system. He had a tech reeling a jack cable for his guitar in and out, as he jumped around the stage. All three guys – Danko himself on guitar and vocals, John Calabrese on bass, and Rich Knox on drums, looked like they just left the house to get groceries, and happened to stop by a metal festival and pick up some random instruments.

Danko Jones is known for weird stuff. In a recent gear-rundown with Guitar World, asked about his setup, Jones were like, “Yeah…so I play white four-button guitars. I’ve got two of them.”, and asked about effects pedals, Jones went, “I’ve got one pedal. It’s a tuner. You know tuners?”. Plugging his white Gibson SG’s straight into his Orange amps, it’s just full-on from there. Towards the end of their explosive show, Jones wanted to introduce his band. After introducing Calabrese and Knox, he went, “…and, uhm, yeah…my name is on the big sign back there” (stage backdrop).

Playing for the second time in the festival’s history, Danko Jones also played at the very first edition in 2010.

Gotta say, this was one of the top bookings of the 2018 Copenhell edition, and a real surprise for me. If you haven’t seen a Danko Jones show before, you’re in for treat!

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