Defecto is a band that is everywhere. When they’re not supporting Metallica or Rammstein, they’re touring through Europe and Japan. Now they played the Copenhell metal festival for the second time

Hades stage, 23 June:

They are also a band that people seem to fail to understand. Personally, I fell into the last category until a year ago, when I started to really listen to the deeper subset of details, that make up Defecto’s progressive metal. People talk about dragons when they talk about Defecto, primarily because the Defecto sound is so expansive and….epic…that wizards, elfs and whatnot comes to mind, but with lyrics being about mundane things like being let down by life in general, and how war is bad for humanity.

I have personally only seen Defecto once before, when they opened for Metallica in Royal Arena in Copenhagen in February 2017, which I witnessed from the photo pit and the floor, and that show was top-notch world class, and Defecto easily matched Metallica’s performance. The Copenhell show was definitely no different! Except I got to watch the whole thing from the stage, seeing it from the band’s perspective. Quite a different experience. Of course I was up there because I had access to that area anyway, but it gave me a chance to reflect on how hard a band sometimes has to work. Defecto works hard, and deserves their success. A genuinely top talented bunch of musicians, that shows both humility and craftsmanship across the board. Both guitarist Frederik Møller and bassist Thomas Bartholin used every square inch of the stage, while singer/guitarist Nicklas Sonne often stood back, smiled and looked extremely grateful for just being there.

Sonne’s voice could easily be a whole concert in itself – the guy shakes your guts with the deepest primal growls, and burst your ears with the highest and cleanest screams. The new drummer, Mikkel Christensen, worked equally as hard (easily the most concentrated drummer in action I’ve seen), and the complex fills and changes was handled with utmost precision and groove.

This was the second Defecto show at Copenhell, the last one being at the smaller Pandæmonium stage a few years back, and with the same amount of albums in their catalogue, we got equal amount of songs from both “Excluded” and the new masterpiece of a cut, “Nemesis”. I have to admit that I was perhaps in an awkward position to review the show as normal, but from where I stood, the band’s presence flooded like waves out from the stage, and got a grip on everyone I could see. When the show was over, I talked to several people who just had their first Defecto encounter, and was speechless. Phrases like “Best I’ve heard”, “I’m a new fan” and “I need to get their cd’s” pretty much sums up what Defecto can do.

We rate:
4.5 rating