Embrace lay down a classic evening of Britpop favourites whilst showcasing their new Album “Love is a Basic need”.

On a night where ’90s nostalgia hung in the air.

Support this evening is EEVAH (Nicole Hope Smith), supported by Embraces Richard McNamara, Eevah has a dark and broody vocal style, a depth of sound that hopefully bodes well for the future, “Cant Breathe” is her latest offering and is well worth a listen.

Taking to the stage, standing in front of huge letters spelling out their name, shrouded in smoke as they spread across the stage, DANNY MCNAMARA | vocals RICHARD MCNAMARA | guitar STEVE FIRTH | bass MICKEY DALE | keyboards MIKE HEATON | drums.

20 years into their recording career EMBRACE are making an epic and emphatic return with their seventh studio album. With three Number One albums, six Top 10 singles, sold out arena shows and over two million album sales behind them, EMBRACE returned triumphantly three years ago with their Top 5 self-titled LP.

Already being hailed as a return to classic EMBRACE, the new album “LOVE IS A BASIC NEED” was recorded in the first half of 2017 at their own Magnetic North Studio and produced by the band’s Richard McNamara. With tracks such as the emotive string-laden ballad “ALL THAT REMAINS”, the powerful NEVER and the instant “WAKE UP CALL”, the album sees EMBRACE return to the classic sound that first made us first fall in love with them.

Opening with “Wake up Call” from their latest album and the crowd pleasing “All you good good people” is as solid an opening gambit could be. Danny is in his element arms aloft beckoning the crowd, who return the affection.

The years are rolled back with “Natures Law”, “Follow you home” and what must be one of the best Brit Pop anthems ever “Come back to what you know”, the band have the crowd in the palms of their hands. Effortlessly bring into play “Rabbit Hole” and “Where you sleeping” once again from their latest album.

Classic track after classic track seem to be being aired tonight, “Refugees”, Someday”, display the wealth of creativity the band have at their disposal, “One big family”, is some what apt for tonight’s proceedings. This is one big family for sure. Back to the self-named album “Love is a basic need”.

“Save me” is up next so vastly underrated, one of those tracks that is one to be seen live, a real feel good vibe, as the applause subsides the volume of the crowd ignites with “Gravity”, another Brit Pop classic, followed by the even more euphoric “Ashes” another song that under pins the importance and significance the band had in the 90,s.

After a short break the band return to the stage for their encore, “All that Remains” and “Never” from the latest album have the feel of future Embrace classics, all to soon the last of a 17 track set list is unleashed, “The good will out” Embrace have a wealth of songs that would grace many a festival, something that is on the horizon this year, this track is probably the ultimate singalong festival track, and the audience didn’t waste an opportunity to let themselves go.

Very few artists take the time to hone and develop a connection with their audience, not these guys. Powerful lyrics simply performed supported by a band that seem so happy to be out there is a pleasure to behold, quite simply a band to enjoy and EMBRACE.