It’s Halloween, and what better way but enjoy one of the finest goth bands in full flow

At the time most people had heard of the Mission and the Sisters of Mercy, but for me The Fields of the Nephilim made a far greater impact.

Its that impact that’s brought so many out tonight The Fields have enjoyed a cult status amongst fans that have followed them for many years.

Formed in Stevenage Herts by front man Carl Mcoy. Many fans agree the classic era was the late 80’s when the band was formed of Mc Coy [vocals], Alexander ‘Nod’ Wight [drums] Paul Wright [guitar] Tony Petit [bass] and Peter Yates [guitar], It was their distinctive sound – Carl’s gravelly vocals, the jangly guitars and heavy bass than set them apart.

Fast forward [cough] a few years and Carl McCoy is in town tonight with FOTN, only he and Tony Petit remain from that classic line up, but that doesn’t detract from a great set that showcases songs from much of their back catalogue and yes, they still have the dry ice and that spaghetti western look, but its them and anything else wouldn’t work.

This is the second of three special shows to celebrate Samhain tonights is Halloween and the venue is full of people in their black goth rock attire, as the light go down the band appear on stage to the intro, the harmonica man as Carl Mc Coy appears from the dry ice they launch into Preacher Man from Dawnrazor. It appears that most of tonights set is from the 1988 album The Nephilim, featuring  Endemonia, Watchman, Love under will and of course as song as Carl growled Moonchild the crowd were dancing, singing and many reliving their youth. But that’s not to say the audience is made up of 50 somethings, the demographics are very diverse. Are they goth? Are they a rock band, I’d be inclined to say a fusion of the two and is probably why they have such wide appeal

To finish the set is Last Exit for the Lost, an incredibly powerful song that starts slowly building and building until that last note as the stage descends into darkness is the last track?   For an encore the band launch into Pyschonaut. Closing the set with the title track from their 2005 release Mourning Sun. I heard a few comments from punters leaving about the short set, excluding the encore just over an hour, maybe it was short, but it was packed with lots, and exactly what they wanted. All in despite technical issues with my camera, I’d had a great night, reliving my youth, hmm maybe, but I’d rather do it with an originals band than a tribute band!

Fields of the Nephilim continue as a goth rock band that have elevated themselves to cult status among fans that packs venues, it certainly was tonight, I even saw Sooty out rocking with the best.