New York’s pop rockers lit up the Academy.

State Champs descended upon Manchester Academy with Woes, Stand Atlantic, Seaway and a surprise special guest.

It’s no secret that the weather is turning, so what better way to warm yourself up with a good old sweaty gig? As I made my way to my second home, Manchester Academy, I knew I’d regret the layers of clothing I’d piled on just to make the walk slightly more comfortable. I wasn’t wrong.

I managed to get in just after Woes had played. I always try to get down to see the support acts but on this occasion, I physically couldn’t get there any quicker. Having said that, I did manage to catch Stand Atlantic and Seaway; two perfect support acts for a band like State Champs. Stand Atlantic, who are just emerging onto the scene’s ‘next level’, gave a solid, energetic performance, and clearly brought some fans along of their own. The Australian band looked perfectly at home at the 2,600 cap venue, using the space to dance, skip and jump around. The energy was echoed by the crowd, and continued onto Seaway’s set.

Canadian rockers, Seaway, entered the stage to a mountain of applause, and boasted a large stage banner of their own, clearly indicating these guys have got some force behind them. The energy on stage was unbelievable, with front man Ryan Locke constantly bounding around. As I said, two perfect support acts for a band like State Champs.

With the crowd thoroughly warmed up, the boys from State Champs were welcomed onto the stage with ear-piercing screams and thunderous applause. Wasting no time, the quintet dived into the catchy, upbeat ‘Criminal’ from their latest album Living Proof. This was followed immediately by ‘Frozen’, and then ‘Losing Myself’ from the 2015 album Around the World and Back. The 21 song set list boasted tracks from all corners of State Champs’ discography, and one track that was a little bit special….

Living Proof track ‘Dead and Gone’ signified the end of the main set. As usual, the guys disappeared and the crowd began to cheer for an encore. However, when the lights came back up, to crowd’s amazement, the stage has been commandeered by pop-punk band, Neck Deep. The Welsh rockers performed their track ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’, and were joined back on stage by State Champs halfway through. This stunt was in response to the reverse happening at a US Neck Deep show earlier this year. Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

The encore was closed with ‘Elevated’, ‘Secrets’ and a thoroughly sweaty crowd who, I should imagine, couldn’t wait to get out into the comparatively arctic temperatures.

State Champs definitely put on a show, using every inch of the stage to their advantage, and turning the academy into one big party. They continue their UK tour into Europe throughout November.

We rate:
5.0 rating