Third Time’s a Charm – but hard to fit in

>Hades stage, 3.00pm, Friday : Mark Tremonti may be known for many things, including Creed and Alter Bridge, but the guitarist proved that he can certainly hold his own when it comes to performing. Too bad it felt kinda….weird.

Okay – this guy has more Copenhell visits in the bag than me, this year playing for the third time – in 2016 with his own band (simply as Tremonti), then in 2017 with Alter Bridge, and now again as Tremonti. While it was still early in the day (3 PM), and the site wasn’t filled yet (all 23.000 tickets sold), the crowd that was here, tried to rub the dust out of their eyes, after last night’s beer consumption had taken its toll, and the dusty festival grounds threw dust everywhere.

Tremonti & Co. had limited luck getting people going, but were clearly excited to be there. Tremonti’s own enthusiasm about playing live is clearly visible every time I’ve watched him play – the same phrase could also be heard from a few hangovers I passed, as the show had ended. Everyone still remembers Alter Bridge’s great performance on last year’s Copenhell, a show that I particularly liked because Tremonti had his wife and son standing in the side of the stage (respect, dude!), and while AB’s show was significantly longer, Tremonti made the forty-five-some-odd minutes count anyway.

We got songs from pretty much every album Tremonti has put out, including the live premiere of “Throw Them to the Lions”, from the new “A Dying Machine” album, and with early afternoon mosh pits and all. I couldn’t help to think, though, that half the audience was there, because they, A) Forgot that Last Internationale was playing on the Pandæmonium stage, or B) was killing time until Parkway Drive played at the Helviti stage 75 minutes later. It’s hard to say what it was, but it seemed like…a big shoulder shrug…like Tremonti & Co. was just passing by. Maybe it was the time of day? Maybe the hungover crowd? Don’t know, but it may not be one of those gigs that pass over into history.

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