Witnessing two blokes and a laptop sounds like it would be awful, but that was probably the best show I’ve ever been to

The night was kicked off by the unbelievably good Liines, who at first I thought were a bit of an odd support for Hip-Hop/Rock duo Sleaford Mods, but the two groups matched perfectly. Liines’ set was a great start to the night, and was well received by the army of punks, rockers and mods who had came early to show support.

A quick 20 minute break, and the musician of the group emerged to set up his laptop on the empty stage, which got fans riled up and eager to jump around to an hour of Sleaford Mods’ new and old material. When the pair came back onto the stage, the room roared and Sleaford Mods quickly kicked off their set with brilliant tune, “Into the Payzone”, which features on new album “Eton Alive.”

The set continued with a balanced mix of their new material, and their stuff from previous albums. Featuring new songs such as: “Top It Up”, “Kebab Spider” and “Flipside”, but also included older material, such as “B.H.S”, “Stick In A Five And Go”, “Bang Someone Out” and “Jolly Fucker”. However, fans had to wait patiently til the encore for the better known material, such as “Jobseeker” and “Tied Up In Nottz”

It was great to see the duo so in touch with their fans, and a relationship like that is what makes shows so good sometimes. All too often, bands think they are better than their fans just because they are on stage, but Sleaford Mods are a prime example of why bands should be more in touch with their fans, and have a bond. It makes for a better show. It was also great to watch the band stop a song right before a chorus to check if a fan was okay, thankfully the fan was unhurt and the show continued.