The Stranglers close their month of touring in the iconic Manchester Apollo

Two of the most influential punk bands in one venue, in one night

The night was kicked off by the incredible and highly influential, Dr. Feelgood. Their set went down a treat with fans and despite no original members, getting to watch Dr. Feelgood do what they do best is probably one of the best moments of my gig going life. After their astonishing 45 (ish) minute set, The Stranglers took to the stage as Baba O’Riley finished blasting through the speakers.

The set was mostly filled with new material, but their was also plenty of their crowd pleasers, from the brilliant ‘Golden Brown’ to the equally great ‘Peaches’. Both of which were truly mesmerising to watch, and it’s moments like these that make gigs stick in the depths of your memory for years. It’s special to see a band play their biggest hits, especially in the fairly intimate Manchester Apollo.

It was good to see their new material, which may be part of an album later in the year, go down so well with their fans. It’s difficult for bands to keep their music interesting, especially when a band have been making music for more than 40 years. There’s also not much room for change with their sort of music, but this new music is something different, it isn’t a band trying to relive their heyday, nor is it a band trying to be more obscure than they ever need to be just to try and appeal o a wider fan base. The Stranglers have found an inbetween, they’ve taken what worked in the 70’s and 80’s, and given it a modern kick up the arse.

If you missed them on this month long UK tour, then there are plenty of opportunities to see them perform throughout the year, with plenty of festival dates planned, not just across the UK but across Europe too. In October, they take to the road with Alice Cooper, playing dates in the biggest venues the UK has to offer, including Manchester Arena, Leeds Direct Arena, and the O2 Arena in London. They are worth a watch, and there aren’t many bands with this attitude left anymore.