New single: Hunter & The Bear “Renegade” Released on Dog Monday Records 5th Aug 2016

London based rock four-piece sends out new single – here’s what we think:

‘Renegade’ is the brand new single from Hunter & The Bear, one of the UK’s more interesting new bands, that I haven’t heard about before. Maybe because many bands don’t make it outside their country, I know many bands here in Denmark have a hard time doing this, even though singing in English. But this is one of the bands that are busting out of UK, and into mainland Europe and New York.


‘Renegade’ starts as a fast paced rock song – distorted bass and thumping drums. Sounds to me like the perfect combination of The Cult and The Clash. The Hunter-guys bring back the 80’s with this song, that’s for sure. ‘Renegade’ has both the raunchy from the post-punk era, and the airy vocal and catchy chorus from the go-nuts-dancing-on-the-tables 80’s. The next “Footloose” incarnation could easily have this song in it (provided they go back to the roots of the 1984 original), but so could the next “Trainspotting” or “The Breakfast Club” film. ‘Renegade’ is one of those songs that has a timeless feel over it, and that’s hard to do as a band these days. Is it intentional? I don’t know, but that’s ok, because this is something that could take Hunter & The Bear to places they would never imagine.

Absolutely worth a listen, and I hope they find their way to Denmark, so I can interview them and shoot their show, as well as check out their live performance.

Hunter & The Bear have graced the stages of major UK summer festivals, Reading, Leeds (among others), been on their own headliner tour of UK and Spain (again, guys, come to Denmark, please. I need to speak with you 🙂 ), and supporting Eric Clapton on his recent tour. Add to that, TV appearances, and extensive radio air play in UK and a few other countries.

Summer 2016 will see Hunter & The Bear set out on an exciting and highly ambitious project. Anticipating their first full length record in early 2017, Hunter & TheBear will release one single a month, to give audiences a teasing insight into the band at work. Can’t wait for this – very interesting idea, I’m excited to hear their next one.
‘Renegade’ is the first single from this project, and the rest of the album will hopefully be as good, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be.13716158_502278499975470_2716754675474176490_n

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