Cabezudos are back after their 2016 debut EP ‘She Waits’.

After their well received debut EP came out in 2016, Cabezudos have come back on the music scene with their new single, ‘Tempting Fate’.

The blues rock/alternative 4 piece really show off their talent, and also their influences with this new single.

The song starts with a slightly Led Zep/Black Sabbath intro, with heavy bass, and classic rock guitar tone, but still rings that indie sound that this band seem to be aiming for, along with keeping it as classic rock as they can.

The vocals are typically indie, and reminiscent of Blossoms’ Tom Odgen, but are also what you would expect from a 70’s rock album, not a 2017 Indie/Alternative single, which makes this up and coming band stand out in comparison to the rest of the bands in the same genre, and what gives them more of a chance of making it big, because they are different to the rest of the current indie scene.

Despite having that indie ring to both the vocals and some guitar parts, most of the guitar, bass and especially drums really hint towards the possible Led Zeppelin influence that this band feature so heavily in their music, not just in this single, but in their 4 EP tracks from 2015’s ‘She Waits’.

This song has everything they need for it to be a good live hit, from catchy lyrics that the crowd can belt out, to a solo where the mosh pits can form, and a middle 8 where the crowd can really show their support for the band, I feel that if this band get recognised, it will be down to this single.

Despite this band not yet being signed, or really that well-known, they clearly have the mindset, and the musical talent to be a big, successful band, and the sooner they become recognised by a record company, the better, as this band deserve everything that is going to come their way, and I really feel like this band have a bright future ahead of them, and their time to breakthrough will come, and when it does, they are gonna be huge.

We rate:
4.0 rating