Are you a musician looking to get your music heard by more people?

‘A Major Label In The Palm Of Your Hand’

No doubt one of your dreams is to get your music released to the masses. To be put out on a record label and feel a sense of achievement. To be proud. This is now easier than you may realise.

Welcome to Ditto Music and their Record Label In A Box!

The Ditto foundations are firmly built by musicians who have faced the same challenges that you are facing right now if you are thinking of either starting your own label or you simply just want to get your music in on line stores. Those challenges are now a thing of the past.

Ditto have worked with over 85,000 artists world-wide and over many different musical genres, both big and small, signed and independent. We all know the likes of Ed Sheeran, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Royal Blood, You Me at Six, plus many, many more. Really! The list is endless and if it’s good enough for some of the biggest artist on the globe, then you should become a part of this collective group and here’s why…

‘Record Label In a Box’

The packages that Ditto offer to musicians makes it simple, thus saving you a whole heap of money, cutting out that thieving middle-man and, most importantly, allowing you 100% of the rights and royalties to your beloved music.

“When we came across RLIAB, it ticked every box” Deathly Records

Ditto’s ‘Record Label In a Box’ offers you simplicity at an affordable price whilst getting your music in to over 200 online stores. Record Label In A Box is fully supported with online/offline mentoring with 24/7 support access. Ensuring your label gets the best possible start, Ditto also provides a marketing team to launch your first release, providing ongoing consultations and invaluable support.

‘No matter what level you are at in your career, the 3 packages that Record Label In A Box offer will have you covered’

Record Label In A BoxBasic £99

Start-up Paperwork – Your new company is registered with Companies House, making it an official Limited company.

12 months unlimited distribution – Distribute your music to hundreds of stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Beats. With unlimited distribution.

Label Certification – You are now a registered record label with the PPL.

Business Bank Account – Your new company is set up with a Barclays bank account.

Flick of the Finger Verdict: This is great if you are new to the industry, already got your own track ready to go live and you just want them out there ASAP. It has everything you need to get the ball rolling!

Record Label In A Box

“The speed of RLIAB was what appealed to us” Rooftop Records

Premium £249 – All of the above plus:

Record Label Contract Wizard – legally sign your first artist in just 5 minutes.

Free Domain NameEvery label needs a website right! Get your domain for free!

Custom Journal –  Personally embossed with your official label name. Manage your appointments, goals, ideas and future signings using your own label branded journal.

Online Events Calendar – You can never be too organised.

Opportunities Database – The best hand-picked opportunities in the music industry from our own personal network of contacts and making them available to you.

Label Management Suite –  Two years in the making, this is the best label user system in the business. Browse daily sales analytics, create contracts on the fly, discover music opportunities and grow your contact list with our handy contact builder.

Flick of the Finger Verdict: Looking for that little bit extra? Then this package covers you and for the additional £150 its worth every penny. just for the Label Managment Suite alone. You know exactly where you stand and, spot the trends in your sales, whats hot and whats not.

Record Label In A BoxProfessional £399 – All of the above plus:

Chartbreaker Release Package – Ditto have achieved 13 UK Top 40 hits with independent acts, all using this unique package.

Access To Start-Up Loans – financial support and mentor programs designed to help your record label become a thriving and successful company.

Experts Academy Forum – Could you benefit from career support 24/7? Ditto’s experts forum powers the growth and success of musicians and label owners worldwide, offering unparalleled advice and support.

1 to 1 Career Building Session – Need help getting funding? Management? Meeting label contacts? Ditto have been helping artists with all of these challenges and more.

Flick of the Finger Verdict: The all in one starter pack if you’re making this a full time career in the industry. This is where you should start as it has everything you need and for a few quid more than the Premium option you get the 1 to 1 career advise from professionals who have been there and done that…. can you really put a price on experience?

Save yourself time & money and get yourself on the music ladder today

Record Label In A BoxAll in all, if you were to price up each of the elements in all packages you’re looking at a good few grand. There are 6 different contracts which will cost you around  £2,000 to £3,000 each if you were to get a lawyer to write them up for you. So lets split the difference and call it £15,000 on contracts alone… then add the company set up costs, website domain, Ditto’s online system. When you look at it like this you’re gonna save a s!it load! never mind the 6 to 12 months time frame it would take to get this all set up – It’s all been done for you!

“Without Ditto & RLIAB we would never have had the opportunity for our company to succeed” SMRI Productions

If you’re seriously thinking about self-publishing or starting a label, save yourself time & money and get yourself on the music ladder with the guys over at Ditto.

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