Plastic Machinery is taken from the forthcoming album, Different Days, which is the band’s 13th studio release.

The track’s breeziness makes you realise you’re listening to quite possibly the only band who have consistently pulled off their trademark sound time and time again, without losing any of that magical spark.

The real magic, however, is that a new single, twenty-eight years into the group’s career, can sound so inventive and striking is testament to their talent as musicians.

Tim Burgess’ distinct voice is as hauntingly beautiful as anything else he has ever committed to record. Lyrically the single appears to be about searching and finding that rare moment of beauty in the dark and troubled digital world we find ourselves in, and mixed with the lush synthesised sound, the outcome is a melancholic yet fresh and upbeat slice of classic Charlatans soul.

The song not only features the band’s Mark Collins on guitar, but also legendary guitarist Johnny Marr, who is a long-time friend of the band, with the former Smiths guitar player saying: ‘It was an honour to be asked, I love the boys…

It was always going to be fascinating to hear what the band would come up with musically after their last album, Modern Nature, which was filled with an understandable mixture of euphoria, sorrow, heart and soul. If the sounds of Plastic Machinery are anything judge by, which holds its head up high, then their new album is certainly one to be excited about. Welcome back, boys.

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5.0 rating