A swingin’ round of Sin City themed hard rock

If there’s a hell, then Avatar and Supercharger will definitely be playing there all the time. Here’s a fresh single from Danish quintet SUPERCHARGER

With three albums behind them, Copenhagen five-piece SUPERCHARGER knows how to write songs. Their high pace theatrical style seeps through all their songs, and there’s a clear New Orleans type of subliminally tone underneath it all. Now here’s a new single, which is an early taste of a fourth album, hopefully seeing the light of day some time around third quarter 2017.

SUPERCHARGER – dark sleaze at its best

Goddamn this is sleazy – “Rottenburg” is a straight journey into any type of Sin City’s damp and dark liquor-filled streets. Hell, it’d fit into any instalment of “From Dusk To Dawn”…. Okay – so enough with the movie metaphors, you get what I’m talking about. “Rottenburg” has a thick soundscape, one that will warm you up with its raw and sweat-inducing swingin’ drum details, and sexy guitar riffs. The vocals are grabbing your gut like a cajun-seasoned Texas chilli pot, and it’s gonna make you move at least a few parts of your body to it.

It’s a little different compared to a track like “Hold On Buddy”, from the excellent 2014 album “Broken Hearts And Fallaparts”. “Rottenburg” is more of a party track, while “Hold On…” and the rest of the tracks on the 2014 album means more business, with its more traditional soundscape and general Southern rock’n’roll soul. Take a track like “Five Hours Of Nothing”, which brings up Gilby Clarke’s “Dead Flowers” in my head.

Nevertheless, “Rottenburg” is still pure Supercharger, and if this is any indication of the style we’re gonna hear on the coming fall-release, then it’s gonna be awesome.

“Rottenburg” was produced by Karsten Dines Johansen (bassist in Supercharger, guitarist/singer in the legendary Strawberry Slaughterhouse), and mixed by the mastermind Tobias Lindell – he has also worked with Avatar, who shares 99,99999% of their DNA with Supercharger.

We haven’t witnessed Supercharger live yet, but this is something we’ll be following.

We rate:
4.5 rating

Music and lyrics by: Supercharger
Producer: Karsten Dines Johansen
Mixed by: Tobias Lindell (Mustasch, Europe, HardcoreSuperstar, Avatar mv.)
Master: Dragan Tanaskovic
Label: Gain/Sony [SE]

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