Thrust is the latest offering from ‘pyschedelic blues rock trio DeWollf.

And also their first since signing to the Mascot label group, its an album I’ve been looking forward to.

Dewolff are a young band from the Netherlands, the band was formed in 2007, and centre’s around brothers Pablo Van Der Poel on guitar, Luke Van Der Poel on drums, they have been joined on keyboards by Robin Plao.

While they are relatively new name to myself they have already released five studio albums to date, and have enjoyed much success in Europe with these releases. Thrust is their latest venture and their first since signing to the Mascot label group.

Their sound is very reminiscent of 70’s blues rock to my mind, and although they have been around relatively recently, their success over in Europe has enabled them to played some very big shows. In doing so they have gained many fans and count Roger Glover, Seasick Steve and Robert Plant as fans of the band. Seasick Steve recounts the first time he heard them, was at a festival, he had been dreaming in a bus backstage, in his mind he was listening to The Allman Brothers, as he came he realized he wasn’t dreaming but was in fact listening to Dewolff.

The band is scheduled to launch the album May 4th at Amsterdam’s famous Paradiso club.

Thrust consists of 11 tracks and there is a great selection of tracks in various styles, southern blues rock that’s evident in Tragedy Not Today, Freeway Flight and California Burning. The track Sometimes is very soulful and sultry, or for a more traditional blues sound I’d suggest Once In a Blue Moon or Outta Step & Ill at Ease. Double Crossing Man came across as a rich sounding Rock track. It all to easy to categorise, the real proof is this is a varied blues/rock album that will appeal to many. For my money I’d choose California Burning as my favourite track, yes it has that southern blues rock sound, but its also fast paced, catch and really grabs you, I have included the video for this track.

I seriously suggested you give this a listen. Whatever you are into, you will not be disappointed.

In Thrust I see a new to me band that have released a 70’s sounding rock album that I believe has been recorded with the bands analogue equipment at their ‘Electrosaurus’ studio, is it a trip back in time? Maybe for some but considering much of the song writing has been around current Issues, in particular Deceit and Woo and album opener Big Talk, it doesn’t feel dated and with the resurgence of other bands that play and have a similar sound, it makes me question is there a revival in this, or did this music never go away. Either way it’s a great addition to the collection. Thrust is out this Friday, and the band also plays a gig in London on May 15th, one to check out.