Mats Wawa are a brand-new signing for Black Pop Records, and a band that have caused much excitement wherever they have appeared.C

Norwegian artist Mats Wang’s introduction to the music world was being booked for Trondheim Calling festival in 2015 and since then the band that formed have gone on to conquer all others including the legendary by:Larm Festival, where NME picked them out as one of the hottest new bands acts around.

“Their sound is hard to classify, but with the occasional hint of a Led Zeppelin’s monster riffs and several quirky pop melodies…an insight into what Mac DeMarco would sound like if trapped in the ’70s” – NME

“Varying shades of fuzzy nostalgia, a dab of psych here, a swirl of funk there, maybe even a little Bacharach up in the left corner, the band’s many influences are all portrayed with great affection.” – Ja Ja Ja

Since then, the band have begun to consume the echoes of some of Soul’s legends, which has taken their sound to new realms and helped to form the new EP ‘Scuzz’. Mats explains: “I’ve been inspired a lot by old soul music lately, and recently I bought an old Harmony guitar with gold foils that really wants to play soul music.

Soul music of the type that the people from The Daptones are playing. All the songs on ‘Scuzz’ were made on it, and I think both the rhythm and the strumming patterns are a lot inspired by that guitar. I don’t think these songs could have been made on another guitar.”


Side A:
True Crime
Easy On The Eye

Side B:
Hard To Be Happy, Easy To Be Nice
George Harrison Beatle