King Monkey is back!

Ian Brown. Not known for doing things by half, is he.

When The Stone Roses reunited for a very successful comeback tour, it seemed that they were back. But it was not to be, as his farewell speech in Scotland proved to be. But didn’t you just want more solo stuff from him too? Of course, you did. And today, he delivered a new single, First World Problems. 

This song is the first release from his forthcoming album, Ripples. And if you want good time, funky vibes then this is the song for you. An absolute throwback to early 1990’s, when acid house and baggy were dominating a great portion of people’s lives. This has an absolute summer feel to it, whenever you listen to it. And the vocals of Ian Brown? The one thing everyone pinpoints whatever he does. They sound great, and dare I say it, back to more familiar ground than what he did with the Roses.

Ian Brown has made the new album a family affair, and that certainly shows with this relaxed sound of a song. No more tensions, no more arguments, no calling the drummer a…..well, you know what he said. This is going to be a classic Ian Brown number when it gets the airplay it richly deserves. The return of King Monkey is certainly a welcome one.

The single, First World Problems by Ian Brown is out now.

The new album, Ripples, by Ian Brown is released March 1st 2019 on the Universal Music label

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