Tempesst are an Australian London-based quintet and the impressive quality of musicianship is obvious from the get-go on their latest release.

The forthcoming Doomsday EP is a four-part document of the band finding new avenues to explore, setting out a lush, almost-psychedelic adventure for the listener.

‘A Little Bit Of Trouble’ has a dreamy, hypnotic vibe as it grooves along. The track is an infectious, tantalising ballad-like slice of musical and lyrical poetry which moves along beautifully by the glorious rolling bass playing. It basks in warmth and sincerity, while the strings add an idyllic fullness. ‘Roller Coaster’ is the longest offering here and for the 4:09 duration you’re on a journey as the organic beauty of the song unfolds, resulting in you surrendering to the power of this band.

‘Doomsday’, the current single, possesses a more lavish quality to the tracks preceding it, yet it also carries a somewhat moody and haunting atmosphere that subtly seeps out. With ‘Eric’s Dream’, the band invite you to join them on a swirling dreamlike experience where you feel hints of the Australian sunshine oozing through. The track floats along in a happy-go-lucky manner, filling you with a certain level of joy which disappointingly ends when the titular Eric no doubt awakes from his slumber. Put simply, it’s magical. Tempesst’s Doomsday EP is inspiring stuff, demonstrating extraordinary potential while whetting the appetite for more material. More please, gentlemen!