The Luka State release new tune, ‘Bury Me’

A true rock hit, which should really gain them some new listeners

The Luka State have followed up their last single, ‘Feel It’, with their newest piece of beautiful noise, ‘Bury Me’. Not only have they followed on from it, they have kept the high standard of music which was displayed in their last single. This band might not be from a big city, and have slipped under the radar due to this, but it won’t be long before the radar picks them up and this band are everywhere.

Judging by the video that accompanies ‘Bury Me’, The Luka State are building up quite a following, and it looks like their gigs would have a truly brilliant atmosphere, and it seems like they truly nail their live shows. Giving everything they have to their fans, which is what a band should do. The energy that this band have is on a whole new level, and it shows so much from the video. Their energy spills into the crowd, and really draws them in, which creates a fantastic atmosphere.

The song however is even better than the performance that they put on. To start, the drums really drive the song along, and keep the energy of the song alive throughout the verses, where the guitars and vocals aren’t as intense. But then comes the chorus. The song goes up a notch, the guitars really kick in and the vocals become something else. It’s honestly hard to put into words how much energy this song has, and that level of energy is what makes this band different from the majority of other rising stars.