‘The One Who Loves You’ is the latest release from the three-piece hailing from Swansea.

It’s a soulful acoustic-driven anthem with a chiming ’60s feel-good ambience.

There is absolutely no way you will not be immersed in this infectious track. Trampolene have boosted the release with ‘There’s No More Rockstars’ as the b-side.

Vocalist and guitarist Jack Jones says,”‘The One Who Loves You’ is quite different for us, less distortion and more melody. It’s a song I started writing after my first love at school and only got round to finishing recently…it’s about offering the world to someone you love… but the world is never enough. Suffice to say it didn’t last. ‘There’s No More Rockstars’” is pretty self explanatory ‘they don’t play guitars’”.

The track was produced and mixed by Josh Green at Konk Studios, adding a sheen to the music, providing it with that special bit of magic. It is genuinely a saddening reality that music this well crafted and performed never has a prayer of gaining wide media exposure to help push it out to a broader audience, yet for those of us who have heard the song, we should consider ourselves the lucky ones.

Feature image © Lee Thomas